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Posted by kahitanoito - - 1 comments

I’ve been planning for almost a month already to start a new hobby. I want something that can help improve myself and at the same time make use of my expertise. I must admit I have difficulty expressing myself in written communication but I’m quite good in computer related stuff. I then realized, why not start a BLOG.

I’m very certain already to start a blog but the next dilemma is what will be the focus. I cannot really think of specific focus since I have different kinds of interests. I like sports (running, badminton, frisbee, futsal, tennis, etc.), gadgets, software, food (yum yum), freebies, photography, movies and a lot more. Since I don’t want to be limited to a certain topic, I decided to have a blog on anything under the sun. I want something to blog about anything that will interest me at a certain point in time. I want my blog to cater to a large user groups and something that will really reflect my personality.

I named my blog kahitanoito since this is a blog about anything. The term “kahit ano” is also a very common response among Filipinos who are fickle or indecisive. You might observe that when you ask a Filipino on what food to order, most likely he will reply to you with “kahit ano”. Just like my blog, it is something that can discuss about any topic that is close to the hearts of Filipinos.

I hope you will enjoy my blog entries and feel free to let me know how I can improve it. I’m a newbie blogger around and would definitely love to hear some helpful pieces of advice from the experts. Hope to be part of the blogger’s events in the near future.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Hey don congrats on your new hobby :) Please add me on your blogroll! breadcrumbstrail.blogspot.com

    Basta yun, kahit ano! LOL

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