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It has always been a struggle for me to cut some excess weight or live a healthy lifestyle. Since I am still young, I have this ideology that it is ok to eat anything and just enjoy life to the fullest, which later proved me wrong.

BEFORE Transformation:
*My picture at NY while still weighing 163 pounds with 39.5 inches of waistline

I did not notice the change on my appearance at the beginning but I have increased so much that it is not proportional anymore to my height and age. My cholesterol level was as high as 299 at the age of 19. As time passes by, it is not only my physical appearance that deteriorates but my emotional and social well-being has been affected as well. My self-confidence is at is lowest as it has been a normal comment for my colleagues that I am too fat. It's hard for me to accept at the start but I later realized the truth and decided to start acting on it.

BEFORE Transformation:
*My last pic as unhealthy before the start of the challenge

Fortunately, our company sponsored a challenge for employees not merely to lose weight but to be physically fit in several aspects (e.g. running, push-ups, sit-ups, BMI, etc.). I joined the contest just taking my chances as there might be free activities that I can be invited. What I do not know is that this can help change my life forever.

Given my competitive spirit, I decided to focus and to challenge myself to the limits. Some of my friends and family members thought that I could not make it and they even persuaded me to stop. However, this only decided me to pursue further as I want to prove them wrong. Luckily at the end of 2-month period, I emerged as the champion with a FQ (Fitness Quotient) score increase of 126% percent. In that small period of time I was able to lose 30 pounds of weight, decrease my waistline by 7 inches (from 39 inches to 32 inches) and even completed 1-km treadmill run in less than 5 minutes. I'm also happy as I've become inspiration for some of my colleagues to change for the better.

AFTER Transformation:
30 pounds lighter, 7 inches less on waistline and 126% improvement on Fitness Quotient score
(Photo of me while receiving the FQ Champion award with our company leaders)

At the end of this, I realized that I didn't just beat the other competitors but more importantly I bested the doubts and fear that I have inside. Now, I continue the habit as I also helped changed the life of others. I also enabled the people around me to experience and reap the same benefits that I have achieved. As one of my colleague say, "We should be less cute but more sexy, less huggable but more durable and live a healthy life".

AFTER Transformation:
*Me joining on several fun run to maintain my figure

But wait there's more...

My weight loss is not just a change that happened in my life. As I become more inspired to be a better person, I tried also to further improve myself for the better. During this year, I also tried to introduce several innovations on my work, which has been recognized globally and was recognized by our company.

This year has also been a challenging year for me with the loss of my inspiration...my grandfather. He has always been proud of my achievements even when I was a kid. He is very proud every time I was sent out by my company for business trip. He has been my source of inspiration all these years but unfortunately he already joined our Heavenly Father. The loss of my lolo might be a major blow for me but I know he would want me to become more mature, braver and tougher to handle the grueling challenges of life. He has also been my inspiration to become a better person inside and be a change for others in need. To be a positive change for others is one of the great things that happened to me this year as well.

*Picture of me as a volunteer for Ondoy victims @ Whitespace

I know the transformations in my life does not end here. The only constant on this world is "change". I am very excited to further change for the better. I know there are people and things around me that could help achieve these goals. Just like GlutaMAX, it has been a very helpful tool for a lot of fair-toned individuals to show their inner brightness.

*Picture of me while purchasing a GlutaMAX soap at a leading Department store

On my first try, I can already see the difference on my skin. I don't have to measure it just to prove it. My naked eye can already justify the difference and I am very excited to see the full potential of the product. I know my family and friends would also be excited to try this product soon.

*GlutaMAX soap - the #1 soap for a lighter skin tone

Now I can truly say that the "New Me" is born...healthier, lighter, more optimistic, more innovative, stronger and getting better all the time. These might not be captured on the pictures above but one things is for sure...it is felt and seen by the people around me. :)

*Picture of me while using the GlutaMAX soap

"GlutaMAX, See the Results"

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