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Posted by kahitanoito - - 3 comments

*Photo courtesy of centurysuperbodsrun.ph

Since Nuffnang posted that Century Tuna will be organizing a fun run, I have been very excited to join their event. Many of my friends know that I always join fun run everytime there is a chance to do so and the venue is quite ok. I am really happy that the organizers picked the best spot to hold their running event...The Fort. I never get bored running on this place and it is quite strategic as it is close to my place. I also like their TVC as shown these past few weeks. See the video below:

*Video courtesy of centurysuperbodsrun.ph

Running on these fun run events is not an easy task and it really needs preparation. In order to make myself ready, I have been doing the items below to make sure I will have a safe and fun run on Feb 21:

1. Run, walk, run - I think it is a given that you cannot just go there without proper training. Whenever I join a fun run, I always ensure that I am fully trained. If I have the opportunity I go out in the gym and do some treadmill for at least 30 minutes. In such instances, I have busy schedule I usually jog around our place for my muscles not to be shocked during the race day. As much as possible, I also try to walk around and not keep myself just sitting down. In the office, I usually walk around the floor while on call to at least burn some few calories as well.
*Me running on a treadmill

2. Munch the right bunch - Eating healthy is also instrumental for a successful run. It is quite hard to run with a big mass of weight that hinders your momentum. I have experienced this one on my previous run when I need to catch my breath especially on uphill. In order to prepare for this, I started eating my favorite fruits, especially ponkan, and continue my no-rice diet to further cut some weight. I also eat non-fatty foods like Century Tuna products, which is also rich in Omega 3. I have to thank Century Tuna for the free gift pack they have given me for joining their Century Bangus fillet. I enjoyed their Spanish variant without guilt.

*Salads and fresh sandwiches for my snacks and dinner

3. Gulp more fluids - In doing cardio exercise, it is also helpful for my preparation to take more fluids. I ensure that I take the recommended 8 glasses of water everyday and some fruit juices to further get more vitamins and minerals. I ensure that there is a fruit juice (preferably aloe vera juice) on our refrigerator or when drink orange juice when travelling. :)
*My orange juice drink for dinner - a healthy way to end the day

4. Cross-training - It is also beneficial that you don't let your body just do the same stuff everyday. Joining a run for me doesn't mean I will always do treadmill. I have read an article before that it will be best that you do other sports as well that can help complement on the skills required for the run. On my case, I have been lucky as I was able to join the Futsal competition in the company. The sport really helped a lot since you have to run and should have high amount of endurance to play it. I am really happy that I enjoyed the sport and the same time helped built skills required for the run. I am also proud of our team as we grabbed the 3rd spot on the competition. Hope next year we can even be the Champion.
*My picture for a kick-in on our futsal match

5. Plan the path - I do not just train myself physically but I also train mentally. I have been trying to read some articles/ watch some videos that can further improve my running skills. I watched some videos of Coach Rio on one of the site and some of the stretching exercises has been truly helpful. You also need to plan the course of the race that you will be taking. Here is a video of the 10K route map that I checked to know on the best pace at the right time/place:
*Video courtesy of centurysuperbods - 10K race route

6. Join fun runs - I think what also helped me to be better prepared for this race is my participation on the several fun runs before. I learned a lot from my experiences before and it helped build my stamina over the years. I also enjoyed participating together with my father as this has been a venue for us to live healthy and happy. I am happy how my father improved his running skills that lately he has been overtaking me on running events even he is turning 50 this year.
*Me and Phoemela after a fun run

7. Think Positive - I think this has been the best key in every race is to have a positive attitude. There are several instances on my race before that I just want to cut my race short as I am really tired but one should be optimistic and have a positive attitude that he can make it. I always control my mind to keep going and even challenge myself every race to be better. In every race, I always prepare myself beforehand and do a pep talk to myself that I can finish the race just like anybody else.

I know it is only a few days before the race but I am really excited to join it. I might not be there to really race for the top prizes but I am excited on the experience that I will get from the race.
*My running shoe with a timing chip same to what will be used for the Century Tuna run

I am also quite sure that this will be a well-organized run as it is being handled by Coach Rio, which is a known personality in the field of running. I also like the fact that they will use timing chip as it really amazes me when I first experienced it for the Run For Home event last year. I think Century Tuna Superbods Run will be the running event of the year!

See you at the finish line guys!

3 Responses so far.

  1. Jason Lim says:

    Good luck don! Hope you can win their promo so we can race to the finish line on the 21st.

  2. Dawid says:

    Go! I really hope you can win with all the preparations you have done. I really love the tips you've shared.

  3. Thanks for the support Jason and Dawid. I really hope I can win the contest :) Too bad I was only able to post my entry yesterday.

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