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I just saw from a fellow blogger (Boy_Kuripot) that Yugatech is having another round of promo entitled "Giveaway Round #2: Gimme your best shot!". I missed their contest last December but hopefully I will win this time. All you have to do is go to the most crowded place and have your picture taken holding the sign “Follow @abeolandres and @talk2globe on Twitter! “. See sample below:
*Photo courtesy of Yugatech.com
One can upload their photos either by Facebook, Pixlink, Picasa or Flickr. I suggest you upload it via Facebook or Pixlink as they are giving away additional prizes for entries sent via these sites. The best photo will win a magnificent MSI Wind U123H laptop. They will also be giving away consolation prizes and raffle for a change to win a Globe Tattoo or Php500 Globe Load. See their blog post for the complete mechanics.

Fortunately for my part, I was able to read this while on Egypt. I don't have the creative side during this time so I just use my ingenuity side to create the sign needed for the contest. I believe no other place is better to take my picture for this gigantic contest but with the magnificent 1 of the 7 wonders of the Ancient World (Pyramid of Giza).
*My first picture @ the Pyramids

*My second picture with a clearer view of the signage

* My last picture for the contest!

There are a lot of tourist and locals during the time we were there and I was very fortunate to have my picture taken during this time. Many of the people began looking at the paper I was holding. Now, abeolandres and talk2globe will be famous not only in the Philippines but worldwide.
*An overview of the number of people during that time from the top

I hope the judges will like this entry and appreciate how all the way to Egypt I was able to have the courage to advertise and join their contest. Good luck to me and hopefully you will like it!

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