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It's already 2 years since my Lola Rosenda joined our Heavenly Father. We really miss her so much and all the things she did to make our family strong. She always ensures that we are fine and in good condition. We will never be a good person right now without the outstanding guidance given to our parents and then passed unto us. She is truly a superwoman for raising 8 children successfully and most importantly good person.

One thing that I will also miss from Lola is her supreme skills in cooking. She do not have a formal education on culinary arts but one cannot deny that every dish she makes is truly delicious. I don't think any Iron Chef can beat her own style and recipes. I always hear from my father how great my Lola is in terms of cooking and he always boast that nothing beats her dishes. I can still remember how she cooks our meals every New Year's eve at Majayjay. Our meal might be simple but she complements it with great serving of love, which makes it stands out among the rest.

My lola loves to plant as well. I can still recall that she loves planting roses and other plants with flowers. In the pictures that they sent from the US, you could see how good she is in taking care of those plants. I think my lola's name really fits her well...she is so great in taking care of plants and she is also as beautiful as a rose. :)

I think my fondest memory of lola was during the time when they last left Manila. I can still remember that she really do not want to go back to the US. However, since she is still not an american citizen that time, then she really have to go back. I remember her saying that they will go back as quickly as possible. I know that they really want to go back as well as most of us are graduating that time and it will really be a joy to see us march in flying colors. Unfortunately, she was unable to back again. Even though she was unable to join us during our momentous day, I know that she is aware that she is one of our inspiration in reaching our dreams.

I truly miss Lola and I can always remember her whenever I see other lola with their grandchildren at malls. I know she is just around always protecting us from harm and guiding us to the right direction.

We might loss a great lola but we know you just transformed into an angel to be there always by our side.

I have created the video above especially to commemorate how she touched our lives. Hope she likes it!

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