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Posted by kahitanoito - - 2 comments

There are a lot of people asking why I have a very short name. In the Philippines, it is very common that people have 2 names and both of them are also long. Fortunately, my first name is composed of 3 letters only but it is rich in history. If you might not know, it was my grandfather who chose my name. It has a historical meaning because this is his alias when he was a member of HUKBALAHAP, a group of Filipinos fighting for freedom against the Japanese regime. Although he fights for our country's democracy, one thing I'm proud of him is that he never killed a single person in order to help achieve freedom. I think this is the reason why he is also blessed with a longer life as compared among his comrades.

I can still quickly recall how he took care of me even when I was young. It was still vivid on my memory when we are still relocating to our new house and he is the only one left to take care of me since my parents and relatives are so busy. In those special moment, I can still remember how caring he is to his family. I heard stories that he is a total disciplinarian to his children back then but when it comes to his apo he is quite the opposite. I always recall my lolo having this "happy-go-lucky" attitude and always happy living his life to the fullest.

I think one of the things that I will miss with my lolo is his letters to us. Since email was not yet known that time, he always sends us cards or even a simple letter written on a yellow pad. He never forgets important occasions of our life that his greeting cards even arrives in advance. From his letters, you can truly say where Tito Ronnie got his talent for creative writing or story telling. I always have fun reading his letters with all the details of what is happening even the current temperature in the US. It is very refreshing to hear his pieces of advice to us, especially on how we should prioritize our education and to be polite to our parents and to our relatives. I'm always happy every time he is also happy to hear our achievements even how small it is. He never failed to mention as well on his letters even the siblings of mother, which brings joy to them as well. It is one of the things I look forward to when I was a kid...waiting for his letters to arrive.

Since my lola is a great cook/chef, no wonder why my lolo loves to eat. He really loves to eat even the food which is not even appropriate anymore for his health. I used to hear stories when lolo had this tantrums whenever he is prohibited to eat by my lola/ my titos and titas to eat those unhealthy food. I can still recall that his favorite food is roasted chicken or Subway sandwich. I can see from his eyes how happy he was whenever he eats these food. :)

One of the things that I can also remember with Lolo Pilo is that he always tell us stories. I still recall when he was confined at UST, I was informed by my cousins that Lolo told them of stories when he was still on his youth and how good he was in courting girls. I hope I have the same charisma as he used to have. :) You will never be bored spending time with Lolo because he always have a "baon" of stories to share to us.

I have only shared this to my parents and my sister but last May 17 I have a dream. On my dream I was talking with Lolo. I can still remember that I asked him why he already left us. He responded that he could not take the medications or being in the hospital anymore and he is now happy together with lola. In that dream, it was a relief for me because I know both lolo and lola are in heaven and they are happy together. I think he appeared on my dream because I regret not spending too much time with him when he was confined. From the conversation that we had on my dream, I think he wants to tell me that it is ok and he understands. I'm really grateful that God gave me the chance to talk to him once again yet we still miss both lolo and lola so much.

Lolo Pilo died last June 12... a very important date as this is the date when Philippines claimed its independence but for me it is the day when my Hero becomes an angel together with my Lola in heaven.

2 Responses so far.

  1. wow very touching video! Anyway, I already added your link on blog.

  2. thanks for the comment. :) I really do hope my lolo and lola like it too in heaven.

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