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Posted by kahitanoito - - 6 comments

It might sound late but I cannot endure not to post my top 10 picks for the Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010. My choices in no particular order:

1. When In Manila - I think Vince has pioneered video blogging in the Philippines. I also admire his personality that makes blogging to a different dimension. I also like his writing style and he is also on of my idol bloggers that influenced me to venture to blogging. :)

2. Nomnomclub.com - One of my fave food blog. One can experience the great food in the metro with his blog. I also love as he provides his readers opportunities to experience the food through his online contests sponsored from his blog. I think he is one of the credible food blogger today.

3. Jay-elx - One of the young bloggers that I know and I can see his dedication on his craft. I also like how he was able to express his honest opinions on the different items that he review via his blog post.

4. Ning4u - I just met Ning earlier on an event and I am really happy to see her. I am really amazed how she was able to share all the latest contest on the net and be able to help her readers win as well. Just like me! :)

5. Thirsty Blogger - I like his unique blog about drinks. I think it is very novel and I admire him for creating a blog about it. We always concentrate on food that we forgot about the drinks.

6. Generously Greedy -  One of the source for online contest as well. I like how he also share contest and promo to his readers just like on my blog.

7. Yesnohmeh - I first saw them on their review for a sports event and I like how they presented their opinions via blog. It is like a debate blog for me and you can get the perspective from 2 people of different gender. Now that's a nice perspective on things. :)

8. Mommy Lace - The wife of one my favorite bloggers Azrael. I enjoy reading this blog and her adventure to her new career as being the mother to Ashton. I think any people can relate on this blog, especially the mothers. :)

9. Cablay Extraordinary Life - One of my friend blogger. I think I can see myself in him as well who always enjoy joining contests and also sharing them. I also like his personality who loves technology, sports and helping others.

10. kahitanoito - Since it was not mentioned that you cannot nominate yourself and for the reason that I cannot find another blog to nominate, I'm nominating my first blog. I hope that with my blog I was able to improve myself and other people, share the latest reviews and contests and also help influence and change the life of others via the posts that I shared

If you wish to post your top 10 list, then you can see the full details on this blog post. This contest will not be possible without the help from the following sponsors
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6 Responses so far.

  1. Pao says:

    Congratulations and good luck to all your nominees! :-D

  2. wow thanks a lot Don, nice meeting you too and its my pleasure to share with you all the contest,freebies and promos on and off line that I've encounter and im more happy and satisfied if somebody won out of that (followers and readers) and of course myself hehehe.

    see you around!!

  3. Sana next time masali n ako sa list mo hehhee, Semidoppel here visiting ur blog

  4. Whew, it has been a few weeks since the awarding, Ngyn lng ako nagbrowse para maka-thank you sa ibang nag-vote.

    Thanks you very much!

    Please do join my pizza thanksgiving party for you guys who supported NomNomClub.com. :)
    Oct 8, 2010 - 7pm - Angel's Pizza near Makati Ave. cor Jupiter st. in Makati. Leave me a message at http://www.facebook.com/joneluy to confirm your attendance

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