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I have been thinking for quite some time of this very challenging “Super One Blogger” contest of Globe. I wanted to join their contest long time ago but I’m stucked with many choices on their question on “Who is your SUPER ONE and why?”. I then realized after I look at a message from my medieval mobile phone… a message about my SUPER ONE.

SMS #ONE on my cellphone for all these years

This is the image of the Message #1 on my cellphone. It is a message from my Tita in the US confirming the situation of my SUPER ONE after he was rushed to the hospital. I never removed this message from my phone because this is the message that assures me that he is fine and we could still be with him soon. I think this is the best message I received knowing that he is still ok. He is the ONE and only Lolo I had in my life (my other Lolo from my mother’s side died long before I was born) and it will really be a big blow for me to lose him.

My Lolo Pilo when he used to take me to Fiesta Carnival

I have chosen my Lolo Teofilo (or Pilo as he was usually called) as my SUPER ONE because he has been a special part of my life. The moment I was born he already made a great impact to my life. A lot of people are wondering why I only have ONE first name as it is common to Filipinos to have at least 2 first names. Aside by having only one name, it was also too short as its only composed of 3 letters. Many might not know that it might be only short and ONE but it is very special…because it was my Lolo   who gave me the name that I am very proud to be called now. It is extra special as he gave me this name as this was the codename he used during World War II to fight for our country’s freedom against Japanese regime. You might not find the name of my Lolo in the textbooks but his valor and bravery during that time makes me proud as he never killed even a single person during that time but rather help in his own ways. He always believe the value of life, even if the person if an enemy that killed a thousand lives. I think this was the reason he was blessed as well to have a long life.

*A special video I created to commemorate my SUPER ONE

My Lolo has been a key source of inspiration for all of his apo, just like how he raised with my lola their 8 children. He always taught us the great values and how to be humble in life. My lolo is not rich but he is just very hardworking and very helpful to the people in need, even if he is as well, that's why he was still able to surpass all the crisis. I think one of the notable aspect that I love with my Lolo is him being jolly. I could hardly remember an instance where I see him frowning or sad. He always want all of us to be happy all the time. I think that is why he also spoiled his apo with generous care. He is also ONE of the first person who inspires me to do good ever since I started studying. He always tells us that we should value our education and truly he was not wrong on this advice.

Lolo Pilo and Lola Rosenda on their 50th Wedding Anniversary at the same church they were married

Another thing that people admire of my Lolo is his loyalty and love for my mother. He is truly a ONE-woman-man and he was able to keep the relationship strong. They were able to keep their marriage together for 65 years together and I think this has been the reason why his children also value their family. I hope I can also have the same fate when I have my family. My lolo and lola love each other very much that they care for each other until the very end. Even if they are very sick, they still care the welfare of one another and also still care for us.

My Globe SIM all these years.
I have been loyal to my ONE and only mobile network provider for more than 10 years now...since my phone was 5110

It could have been a lot better my SUPER ONE is still around, where I can just write him a letter or send him a message via Globe's SUPER ONE to share my latest hobbies, travel experiences and what's happening to all of his apo every now and then. Unfortunately, he already joined my Lola in heaven to be our guardian angel up above. Whenever I have achievements, I know in the corner he is standing right there happily watching as I achieve my dreams. I know he is happy now but still even if it is already a year since he joined our Father, I still miss him. That's why I still keep the Message #ONE on my phone, because it is the message that always remind me of my Lolo is just around. If ever I have problems I just look at this message and remember my Lolo. There are many new SIM or mobile network provider around with a lot of offers but I never replaced this old SIM of mine (see picture above), because it holds that ONE special message that keeps the memory of my SUPER ONE alive. It holds that ONE message that inspires me to keep going and strive for more. I might be able to replace my phone but I don't think I will never ever replace my Globe SIM.

So for all of you who read this, don't waste your time to let you grandparents/parents or whoever your SUPER ONE is how you love them. You are lucky they are still around and there are unlimited calls/text like Globe's SUPER ONE that you can avail. A simple message will mean a lot for them.  If there could just be a way that I can still call or give him a message, I will instantly grab that opportunity... how I wish there is.

I miss my SUPER ONE...I miss you Lolo Pilo.

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