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Photo courtesy of SEAIR and Microtel Philippines website
As I was checking my facebook account, I was intrigued to see a post from SEAIR fan page about a special contest for bloggers like me. :) I am really interested to join and hopefully be part of the 8 lucky winners of an all-expense paid bloggers's tour in Boracay. 

I can just imagine how lucky they are as they will be flying safe and for free via South East Asian Airlines. To add to that, they will also be given free accommodation at Microtel Boracay courtesy of Microtel Philippines.
Photo courtesy of SEAIR website
However, in order for me to be included or be chosen by the panel of judges, I must answer this 'hurclean task' to answer the question "Why you should be chosen to join the tour?". I had to think several weeks and finally I already have an answer....


W - (Well Travelled) I think it will be great for SEAIR and Microtel Philippines to have some well travelled bloggers joining their trip. I was able to visit already at least a country in all the 6 continents of the world (only continent remaining is Antartica). I love to travel around and I think it will be a great opportunity for me  if I will be given the chance to join. I think my experiences with different destinations, people and food will greatly be helpful for the team. I like adventure and I surely believe that SEAIR and Microtel will not fail us on this trip and yet we can be able to experience it in the majestic Boracay Island.
Me after running my 3rd 10K with a finisher medal :)
H -  (Healthy) I believe there a lot of activities that is being prepared for us thus any blogger who will be included in the list should have the energy to participate in all the tasks. I think I have what it takes and I'm up for any challenge that will be given to us. 
Last April, I was able to visit for the first time Boracay island because I was included on a team to compete for a sports tournament. Aside from being lucky, I think I was able to participate because of my healthy living and my passion for sports. I can play almost any kind of sport may it be volleyball, basketball, badminton, football, futsal, tennis, table tennis, frisbee, touch football, etc. 
My kick-in for the futsal tournament!
If ever I will be chosen, I will like to feature the different healthy activities in store for people to visit in Boracay. I think I will try to feature the different healthy food restaurant around the island that is cheap and also good for the health conscious.

*Our video during our white water rafting experience!

Y - (Young) I believe I am one of the youngest blogger around. I think with my youth I can bring energy to the  group. I think I can capture the perspective of the young and yuppie group of today. I think I will also be able to learn from my peers on their experiences on blogging and as well on their perspective on different things. I think I can contribute a lot to the team given my age. I would also like to meet people different people from all walks of life/age group on this trip.

A beautiful photo of a local spider on my Bicol trip
N - (Nature lover) I really love being close with our nature. I think having this opportunity brings me closer again to the beauty of our nature. When I last visited Boracay,  I was actually amazed by its beauty but I want to explore more out of it. I hope this time I can be able to dive or snorkeling as I was informed the marine life underneath the heavenly waters of Boracay is incomparable. I think this is why a lot of tourists love this island. I want to highlight that and be able to post it on my blog for my readers to be excited based on my experience, which hopefully will be given by SEAIR and Microtel Philippines.

The famous Boracay sand castle during my 1st Boracay visit last April for a sports competition
Aside from  highlighting the beauty of nature, me as a concern steward of the environment would also like to share the ways how we can protect such Mother Earth's gift to Filipinos.
My picture during my CDO travel last year!
O - (Optimism and Opinion) I want to share with my readers hope...hope that there are still beautiful places around in the Philippines, hope that you can enjoy this affordably (Thanks to SEAIR and Microtel Philippines), and hope that can still enjoy and experience adventure without leaving the country. I as a blogger would like to take part and be an influence to other people and clear the mindset that they have with our country. I think this tour can help contribute to the stories that I can write to better promote our country and most especially the Filipino people.
I think as a blogger it will be the opinions of the author that will truly matter. I will give my honest opinion on my experience and also be able to share tips on what I learned from this tour. Hopefully, the readers of my blog can find the posts that I will share out of this tour to be really beneficial on their trips to Boracay.
My BW Photo taken as I'm taking a rest in Boracay island
T - (Tourism) I think this will be the primary reason why I want to be included on the tour. I have visited several countries already but I want to  highlight the beauty of the Philippines and what sets it apart from all the places I have been. With my camera on my side, I want to capture on the photographs that I can cover from the activity the hidden beauty of our country. I would like to let the Filipinos be proud of our natural resources rather than always dream of going outside the Philippines. I hope a lot of tourist, may it be foreigner or fellow Filipinos, will be amazed on the stories that I can share on my blog about my stay in  Boracay.
A beautiful picture of the floating cemetery - One of the truly majestic place in the Philippines
I would also like to showcase how interested tourist can easily experience this "heavenly" location in the Philippines via the quickest flight of SEAIR. What more can make a perfect vacation is if you have the perfect accomodation via Microtel Boaracay.

I hope you do like my entry for the contest. I hope this can be able to convince you that I truly deserve to be one of the eight bloggers who will travel in Boracay. I'm so excited on this trip to meet new people and also share my experience to the readers of my blog. Thanks to SEAIR and Microtel Philippines in advance!

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  2. nice one Don, im sure mapipili ka dyan!!lucky guy ka eh hehe.. sayang I wanna join sana but in my line of work malabo.take ka nlng daming pix,nice meeting you at the bloggerfiesta last tues. more power.

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