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There are unusual things that when combined together makes a perfect pair e.g. milk and coffee, patis and calamansi, ketchup and mayo and many other things. Well KFC also have that idea and they come up with a nice surprise with their newest Chicken Flavor...KFC Chili Lime! Building on everyone’s favorite chicken, KFC came out with a bold and unexpected chicken bursting with flavor. KFC combined two familiar flavors, chili and lime, for an unlikely combination that just tastes so good. 
"The Chili Lime Chicken is marinated in special Chili Lime spices, then breaded and deep-fried for a crispy bite, and finally sprinkled with another dose of Chili Lime flavor. It’s a fusion of spicy and zesty flavors in one refreshing bite and finally sprinkled with another dose of Chili Lime flavor.  It’s a fusion of spicy and zesty flavors in one refreshing bite."
I was so excited when I got an invite for the event and really curious on their newest flavor. Until the last minute, I could not think of their newest flavor even with the clue on their invite that it is connected with color red and green. My initial guess is Red pepper and Mint but it is just weird that it may taste like a toothpaste. Fortunately, KFC is so innovative to surprise us with their newest treat. When the marketing manager of KFC unveiled their newest flavor, I began to have worry if it will really be a hit especially for die-hard Original recipe lovers like me. 

When I received my serving of KFC Chili Lime, I noticed that it is similar to their KFC Hot & Crispy chicken in terms of texture with the added aroma and flavor of lime. You can see from this photo the generous chili and lime flavor coating the chicken. I have my hesitations at first that the flavor will just be on the surface but they proved me wrong. I tried eating the meat of my Chili Lime and I'm impressed as the flavor can still be distinctly noticed. The feeling was great having a great combination of two opposing flavors bursting on your taste buds. I like how you have the alternate feeling of sour and spicy every time you bite. I did not notice that I enjoyed it and finished my serving. What surprised me the most is that I was able to finish it without dipping it on their world-famous KFC gravy. I think most Filipinos can relate how we love the gravy of KFC that sometimes becomes our soup alternative already. In having KFC Chili Lime, you would not even have to take a visit to refill your gravy as the chicken flavor well compensates it. :)

My Verdict: RECOMMENDED! I really enjoyed the experience when eating my KFC Chili Lime. I think KFC stores should allocate more of this on their stores as this will be a sure hit. I hope though it can be on their warmer for long and not for limited time. It is also well recommended for those who want to experience more spice to their usual Original recipe but not as spicy as compared to their Hot & Crispy flavor. What's even great with this is that you can order your KFC Chili Lime starting October 13, 2010 at NO ADDITIONAL COST from the current price of their chicken. I actually like my experience that I want to have myself on their video booth during the event, but unfortunately the queue is quite long and I have to go. If ever I will be invited by KFC to have my video taken, here's my testimonial for my KFC Chili Lime experience (I  hope you like it!):

"Nothing beats the ORIGINAL (recipe)? I don’t think so. KFC Chili Lime just proved me that it is wrong. KFC Chili Lime is a fusion of 2 exciting flavors in 1, like a match made in heaven! It is that good you don’t even need a gravy. It is truly a MUST TRY Chicken Experience for all!"

So, what are you waiting for? Go to a KFC store near you to try it before it’s gone

PS: The latest innovation from KFC was introduced to the public via a big launch held at the Blue Leaf Events Pavilion in McKinley Hill Village, Taguig. As a big treat to loyal KFC fans, they were all invited to guess the flavor of KFC by putting their guess as their Facebook status and tagging KFC Philippines on their Facebook wall. Participants with the most creative answers were invited to take the first bite of the KFC Chili Lime.
Hosted by Chico and Delamar of RX 93.1, media personalities and guests were entertained with games, activities and music while enjoying mouth watering KFC Chili Lime.  It was one fun-filled and refreshing event for all KFC fans. 

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