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Posted by kahitanoito - - 5 comments

10-10-10 Fuel Promo standee
There's a fiasco with everyone with October 10, 2010. It is very special since it's a "almost" once in a lifetime to have a date of 10-10-10, not unless you are still alive on October 10, 2110. I am also excited about this day because of several events around being offered given the special date. :)

Days before I already planned my schedule for this day. I have already prepared myself to join my fellow blogger for a dodgeball competition, accompany my youngest cousin for Robinson's model search and also go for the 10 pesos per liter sale of Caltex Philippines. I am quite excited to join the dodgeball competition because I'm fond of joining new sports and I would like to try if I can excel on it. 

It was exactly 12:00 AM  of the much anticipated date and I'm still wide awake. I started listening to RX and Magic to know the branches where I can fill up my car with the 10 peso-fuel. The songs over the radio are quite good that I did not notice I'm already dreaming and the next thing I know, it was already 11:30 AM. :(

Too bad I wasn't able to witness 10-10-10 at 10:10:10 AM and worst is that I wasn't able to catch-up the list of branches for the Caltex promo. I already saw notes that the sale has been running for some branches starting 10AM. I also received a note on work that needs me to standby at home. Thus, I will not really be able to go-out to accompany my cousin and at the same time join the dodgeball tournament. At that moment, I though the universe already unite to make my 10-10-10 so imperfectly well. I'm really frustrated with the entire situation and how such planned day became so messy.

My car being followed by others being the 1st car
Alas, a spark of light emerged from the darkness. My customer suddenly cancelled my meeting so I can now go out. Unfortunately, it is too late for me to join the dodgeball tournament since it is quite far from my place. I then decided to pull my dad to head at Caltex Ireneville station since I heard that it is one of the branches for the fuel promo. We rushed to the station hoping that we could still be accommodated but with the chain of misfortune, we were informed that they just finished the promo and it started since 10AM. The crew told us to try if their Alabang branch will have a promo but he is not sure.

My car being 1st on the line!

We were almost going back home and accept that 10-10-10 is not really for us. I then follow my intuition and check a Caltex station in Alabang. My dad actually wound not want since we do not know what specific branch to go but I told him that we just try. Since the day already went unwell then why not just try it. We are not actually not good in directions and have no idea where is the nearby Caltex branch and we just pass by a branch near Filinvest, in-front of Home Depot store.

We were surprised that when we arrived a van also just arrived and a group of people wearing HSBC shirt went out. I then realized that it might be the staff of HSBC and Caltext for the promo. We immediately parked near the van and asked if they are with the 10 peso promo. Fortunately, they are the staff for the promo and they haven't started  yet on that. We noticed the cars started to flock on the branch. Since we are near the van where the HSBC staff parked, they decided to start the queue for the promo with our car. I am very happy that we are Car #1 for the promo. Here are some of our pictures during the promo:

HSBC/Caltex staff putting a marker on my car

My car badly needs a full tank of unleaded fuel

Caltex staff filling up my tank!

Caltex staff strictly managing the queue

The long queue at Caltex Alabang

A landscape shot of the queue during the 10peso Caltex+HSBC event

It was a relief that after all the adventure, I was able to fill-up my tank with 28.480 liters of Caltex Gold, which would cost me on a normal day Php 1217.52. I had a happy feeling that it only costs me PHP 280.00. In times of economic crisis, having such promo is really a relief. I never knew that things will still run great after all what happened in the morning.
Almost 30 liters!

My receipt showing that I just paid 280 pesos for 28 liters of fuel! Yipee!

A picture with HSBC/Caltex staff
I almost thought that everything will be done after that. I treated myself with a new haircut on our way home to make my day really a perfect one. However, I think what caps off my day yesterday is I officially launched a new blog a few minutes before 10-10-10 expired. I don't want to reveal yet the name of this new blog but it is a special interest blog. I hope you will like my posts there and be able to generate influence to us Filipinos. Leave a comment to guess the name of my new blog and I might give you a prize as well. :)

Fuel discount, adventure with family, new haircut and lastly a new blog...these are the things that makes my 10-10-10 sooo perfectly well! :)

If you have other great 10-10-10 stories/photos to share, you may join Azrael contest here and win prizes from him. 

5 Responses so far.

  1. nice 10/10/10 day galing galing

  2. galing naman, at marunong din pala magtipid ang mayaman at sowsie na tulad mu. haha ;D
    at anu namang name ng new blog mu Don? Travel blog ba ito...? hmmm...baka kahitsaanito.com?:)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.
  4. of course. hehe! its pinoysolobackpacker.com. hehe! joke!

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