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Last October 23, several bloggers were invited to play bowling. I sign-up for it since I really love to bowl even if bowling doesn't like me. I love to play bowling when I was kid at Cubao with my cousins and I even remember asking my parents to enroll me for a bowling clinic. Going back to the event, I thought this will be just the usual bowling experience but I was surprised when the organizers sent us this video below:

Now, that interests me because it is bowling to the next level. I am really excited to try it out together with other bloggers. On the day of the event, I belong to Group H (I think) with Melody, Iris and Marnell. We were then briefed of what "Funky Bowling" is all about.
"Funky Bowling is a new and more fun style of bowling. Bowlers will be challenged to play differently as they will be given cards that would dictate how they are supposed to bowl for each frame."
The Funky Bowling Cards contain the following instructions (and some videos from the event):
  • Frame 1: Have someong stand in front of you, legs apart. Roll the ball through their legs.
  • Frame 2: Wear the blindfold and use the ramp to bowl
  • Frame 3: Bowl backwards between your legs
  • Frame 4: Bowl while on your knees
  • Frame 5: Bowl between your legs
  • Frame 6: Spin in circles five times and then bowl immediately
  • Frame 7: Sit indian style and roll the ball
  • Frame 8: Sit on the floor and bowl by pushing the ball with your feet
  • Frame 9: Lie down and bowl
  • Frame 10: Moonwalk in slow motion then bowl immediately
After 10 frames, I'm very happy to share that we are FIRST from the last (hehe!). We really enjoyed the game we forgot we are in a competition (excuses). I really recommend this activity for family and even for groups who wants to relax or have it as a teambuilding activity. It will be a sure hit.

If you want to try this out, SM Bowling Centers has four branches located in SM City Cebu, SM City Fairview, SM Mall of Asia ans SM North Edsa and boasts of the country's most luxurious and contemporary bowling centers today. This October 30 to November 2 will be the launch of their "Funky Halloween Bowl" where surely, all bowlers will get to experience fun and excitement. Here are the dates to remember:
  • October 30, 2010 - SM Mall of Asia and SM City Fairview
  • October 31, 2010 - SM North Edsa and SM City Cebu
Here are some other pictures from the event:

You can check their facebook fan page SM Supermalls Bowling for more updates on SM Bowling events! If you also want more stories like this, then don't forget to "Like" kahitanoito Facebook fan page!

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