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Last week I received an invite from our contact during our funky bowling event (Ginny) inviting us again for an event in MOA. She invited us to attend the Nido Fortified® Science Discover Halloween Event on October 31, 2010. The E Vite made me curious on what is special on this event. Who is Blurb and his significance on the entire event?

I am having second thoughts joining since I have no sibling who I can bring with since I am the youngest in the family. I am also thinking that it would be again the usual Science boring stuff which I might not just enjoy. I have no plans during that date so I then decided to try and I just think of bringing my youngest (1 yr. old) cousin and godson, Yeshuah, during the event. I think that it would be great since it will be his first Halloween event. 

When we arrived at the venue, we were entertained by Kirsten and explained to me about the activity. She then explained that we have to go on the different stations/booth and some exciting give-aways will be given to us. A "Galaxy Map" was then handed to me by a staff of Science Discovery Center showing us the different world we have to travel in order to find "Blurb". Each of this world will give us clues on how we can find the elusive alien. I think it is very innovative and excites me of what is in store for us for the entire day. Since my cousin is so excited all his "cute" Count Dracula costume, we then started our journey to help Center's resident scientist, Dr. Bunsen Burner in looking for his alien friend named Blurb.

1. SMI Gallery - The first station is the SMI Gallery. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the acronym but this world discuss about the mining industry of the country. The booth/stations have information about the health benefits of minerals, life cycle of the mine, mining methods and even a replica of how a mining site looks like in a community. The station even have the helmets, boots and vests worn by miners so you can really have a better understanding of it. What strikes me the most about this station is their 3D animation explaining the importance and details about mining. The 3D or should I say hologram presentation was very engaging since it is not like your ordinary 3D movie where you have to wear 3D glasses. My cousin is very attentive even at a young age during the presentation about it. 

2. Bug Rug - We then proceed to the 2nd world/station, the Bug Rug". It is not really new technology as you might be able to see one in malls where you can interact with the images projected in the floor. However, I like how SDC was able to utilize it and teach Entomology to children. The bug rug is an interactive way for kids to see the behavior of insects just like being on a Madagascar forest. I think this is one of the favorite world of my cousin as a lot of kids are there enjoying stomping on the insects and wait as they move away from their hiding place. My cousin love playing with kids on this area and he also danced as he scare away the insects roaming around. See the experience of my cousin on this station.
Aside from the interactive Bug Rug, this world also provide free "face painting" for kids. Boys and girls line up to get their face painted with their favorite character or animals. The queue for the face painting was quite a blockbuster that my cousin ended up sleepy already waiting for his turn. Since the theme is about space, we then asked to have his face painted with moon and the sun. See his experience being painted by the team.

3. Dawn of the Space Age Gallery - The 3rd world provides an overview about Space Science. Images of the US spaceships and great and astronauts can be seen on this station. There are tarpaulins hanging as well near this world featuring some well known astronauts like Yuri Gagarin (1st Man in Space), John Glenn (1st American to orbit the Earth), and also the Sputnik, not the gang but the first satellite to orbit the Earth. There's even a replica of Sputnik on this world.

4. Techno World (SMART Media City) - I am very impressed by this station because this presents how the latest software and trends in digital information and computer graphics. This particular world have different computer stations having different games to teach kids about science. I am impressed that this booth have our favorite game "Plants vs Zombies" on the station. There are also other games being played but I don't know the title.The computer stations also have trivia posted that kids can easily remember. I never knew that WALL-E means Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class. A replica of Wall-E can be found as well on this station.
What set this particular world apart is their special interactive game "Gesturetek", which the entire family can enjoy. You can be a goalkeeper or a musician playing the drums on this booth. See how a family enjoyed their experience on this world:

5. Transportation Nation - Many might not be aware but I also dream to become a pilot. When we were in elementary, my Tito Caryl used to treat us on arcade station and I love the flight simulation game where I am the pilot and I need to land an airplane (too bad I cannot find one anymore). I am surprised to see that this particular world/station has a Flight Simulator booth. I am impressed that there are 3 flight simulation seats that visitors can enjoy. It is almost the same to the old arcade game I used to play. I think kids who dream to be a pilot someday will enjoy this particular station.
Aside from giving the chance to fly an aircraft and land it smoothly, car aficionados will also love this booth as you can build your dream car in Build-A-Car station that they have. There is also a sample car showing how Shell acquires the Philippine First Automobile. You can also see here the "Wheelsurf", which is a giant wheel that can be a vehicle as it moves by shifting your weight.

6. Gross World - This is also one of my favorite world or station here. I never knew there is such a term as "Grossology" and its amazing to find out the mystery about these stuff. I have some questions about these gross stuff when I was a kid but I'm very shy to ask. I find it interesting to find my questions answered on this booth especially about the science behind burping and farting. Grossology also brings a new interesting approach to learning about the human body with thoroughly fun and wacky interactive displays.
Ever wondered, what bacteria brings the foul smell on our mouth, armpit, anus and foot? This booth have a "Sniff, Sniff" booth where you will have to guess the body part where you can find this bacteria by smelling them. Yes, you are right you have to SMELL them. This is really a must-try experience! :)

7. Shadow World/ Wall - This fun and interactive wall will let you understand the science behind feeling scared. In this interactive exhibit, visitors will attempt to collect fruit from a jungle tree. However, be warned  as a leopard can attack you if you're not careful.
I also enjoyed this one as we play with the leopard and see our shadows die when the leopard attacks us. The highlight of this booth is that it can record your experience on this Shadow Wall and you will be able to send it to your email. Here's the video of our experience:
8. Planetarium - One of the highlights of this discovery center is their Planetarium. I am really amazed by this 15-meter 3D planetarium and this is considered to be one of the best in the Southeast Asia, with its all-dome video playback and its star field and astronomical capabilities. The whole experience is even supported by a Digital Surround sound for a total viewing pleasure!
I never experienced to watch a movie on a dome theater and I'm amazed on my experience. We were able to watch during that time the Seven Wonders. My cousin is quite afraid on his first movie experience so we have to take him out as he is crying out loud. However, the experience was still great! A new movie will be shown on this theater this coming Saturday, Passport to the Universe. I'll let you know of my review on it. :)

9. Water World  - No, it's not the film of Kevin Costner but its more enjoyable than the movie :p This station is located at the second floor of SDC. On this station, you will be able to see a Virtual reef where you can see aquatic animals as if they are just in an aquarium. Inside the virtual reef you will also meet the famous virtual fish, Mr. T. I like this part of the virtual reef because kids can fully interact with Mr. T and answer their questions. He also shares his marine adventures to motivate visitors to take part in saving the seas.

You can also find outside the virtual reef a huge replica of our planet Earth and get to know more about the changes affecting the planet we call our home.

10. City Science - Before we start exploring this world, we were then showed a simple science experiment that we can try at home. The staff showed how to create a "fake blood" using curry powder, water and ammonia. Kids and kids at heart are amazed on this simple experiment.
This world shows as well the marvelous architercutre around the world. One of the highlights of this booth is the "Earthquake Experience", where one can experience the feeling of being inside a building during an earthquake. My cousin enjoyed the shaky feeling during the entire simulation.

11. Robort World/Inc. - This particular station features the famous mechanical and electronic wonders with much industrial and industrial value, along with the high-tech engineering that created the human-like behaviors. One can see TV and movie characters like Astro Boy, Robo Cop, R2D2, etc at the Robot Hall of Fame of this booth. You can also interact with different robots and machines to elarn more about these extraordinary inventions.
My personal favorite on this booth is the Time capsule and Lego Mindstorms area. On "Time Capsule", one can create a message to someone in the future. I tried sending myself an email 10 years from now (hopefully email is still not obsolete by that time). On the other hand, I am impressed by the special section called Lego Mindstorms/ Robotics lab. You can see inside the room some Lego toys and a programmable robot. One can put their knowledge to the test by building and programming robots in a step-by-step learning process.

12. Gravitram - The last station is the Gravitram, which is a great view to see balls move along a complicated track. One can learn the subject on gravity from this simple booth of SDC.
Since we have completed successfully all the 12 world, we then have a treat to have our pictures taken at the NIDO Science Discovery Wall. The picture will then reveal the identity or image of the alien we are hunting for...Blurb. Here's my picture with my cousin together with Dr. Bunsen Burner and BLURB:
VERDICT: The entire experience was so much fun and to my surprised did not noticed that we were inside for more than 3 hours. We were surprised that as we visit all the 12 stations, my cousin's loot bag is already full of give-aways. One cannot really take note of the time when you are enjoying.I never knew that Science can really be fun and most especially interactive. I think most schools should have their students have their field trips at SDC rather than just going to the zoo or worse to a TV show. A lot of students will learn more about Science with the whole experience. If not, I would suggest that parents take time to have their children accompanied to this great place. It is also a great bonding activity for the family, plus you are also letting your kids (and even you) learn new stuff. For just Php 330 entrance fee, I think it is a very affordable deal for parents to treat their children. It is really a must-try experience for the entire family. I highly suggest this to everyone. It's a 4 thumbs up (including my toes) for Nido and SM MOA for having a great learning venue for the entire family with the Science Discovery Center!
Here are some of the other photos from the activity:

What is NIDO Fortified® Science Discovery Center?
The NIDO Fortified® Science Discovery Center is the Philippines' premiere science museum today. The center features over 400 exciting and interactive exhibits in nine walk through galleries and houses the country's most advance planetarium and dome theater. The Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center is located at Southside Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City and is open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM. It is a member of the Association of Science Technology Centers Incorporated (ASTC), the international association of science center and museums that promotes understanding and appreciation of science. Founded in 1973, ASTC now has more than 540 members in 40 countries.
For more informtion about the NIDO Fortified® Science Discovery Center and ticket reservations, call 556-2153 or for booking inquiries please call 556-0331 or you may also visit www.sciencediscovery.ph.

If you are interested, they also offer Corporate Tour Package with the rates as follow (valid as of this writing and is subject to change):
Package inclusions: Gallery Tour, One Planetarium Show, Tables and Chairs set-up, Lectern + LCD Projector & Screen, Two (2) hour use of event rooms with basic light and sound system.
*I have seen a standee at the entrance of Science Discover Center that if you are a BDO card holder and you purchase 2 tickets, you will get 1 for FREE. It's a sure treat for the family. :)

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    thanks for coming to the nido fortified science discovery center.... we did our best so that guest like you would enjoy our halloween event...

    im the one wearing the red cape (3rd to the last photo n this blog post :P)

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