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Last October 19, 2010, 90 Nuffnang bloggers were invited to a special screening of the move "The Social Network". The movie about the story how the creator of our favorite social network application-Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, succeed and also gain enemies along the way (see my movie review). The bloggers who were invited during the event were the first 90 bloggers to create a blog post about the PLDT myDSL modem+wifi. These bloggers were not only competing for the special seat for the advance screening but also the best blog post will win the coveted modem+wifi kit from PLDT myDSL.

The event was well participated by the bloggers and their friends. The registration station was easily filled up with a long queue of bloggers wanting to have the best seat in the house. The viewers were also given pamphlet about PLDT's new product the myDSL modem+wifi. Interested bloggers also visit the booth of PLDT DSL near the registration area to know more about the product.

When I entered the Greenbelt 3 (Cinema 1), the movie house is already filled with bloggers and friends from Nuffnang. All are excited to watch the movie and also to know more about the sponsor of the special screening. The host of the event provided more information about the different features of PLDT myDSL modem+wifi. The tension rises when the host of the event declared to have a trivia game for all. Bloggers and their friends run with all their might from their seats to answer the questions about the features of PLDT myDSL modem+wifi, PLDT watchpad and other trivia items. Five lucky bloggers bring home some goodie bags from PLDT because of their competence and agility to run and answer the trivia questions. I wanted to join the trivia but I am seated at the corner. I hope I can win too during the next events of PLDT myDSL. :)

Before the movie began, the host announced the best blog post among all the 90 qualified bloggers. I am praying that I win but unfortunately it wasn't me. The best blog post for the event was given to No-Fera for his great analogy of "The Social Network is to Facebook, as PLDT myDSL modem+wifi is to my Family". The moment I saw his post before the event, I already knew he had a chance to win the best post. A real deserved win for him. Good thing the host announced that they are still giving away 2 more kits for other bloggers (I hope to win this time!). 

*Image courtesy of Benjie Tiongco from Nuffnang Philippines Facebook fan page
All the bloggers had fun watching the movie. I am also amazed that the movie also featured the blogger side of Mark in the film. I won't spoil and provide my review on this post (watch-out for it) but what I can say is that all of the bloggers enjoyed the movie. A lot of times we can see ourselves from the experiences of Mark. I am then inspired that I can be a billionaire like him someday. I would really like to thank Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL for the advance screening tickets that many people envied. It was really a great event!

I know you might noticed I mentioned several times about PLDT myDSL modem+wifi. I am really amazed about this product and how I wish there was one before I bought my router at home. Actually PLDT myDSL will just be launching this latest innovation this November. If you have no idea what this is, think reliable high-speed connection brought to you by PLDT myDSL that can be shared by the whole family anywhere at home because it's already WiFi capable. It's plug-and play feature makes connecting through the Internet quick and easy, plus you won't have to burden yourself from installing too many devices to your computer. Now, that's a real level-up from PLDT bu bringing convenience and multi-functionality combined in just ONE powerful gadget. This is a true emblem of the statement "The power of ONE". :)
*Image courtesy of PLDT myDSL website
You might think that with all these features, the new technology would be costly. Fortunately, PLDT is giving us this features on regular myDSL plant 999, 1995 and 3000 just by adding Php 1,000. Subscribers of Bundled Plans 990 and 1299 can avail themselves of a WiFi modem that can accomodate up to four wired and multiple wireless connections by adding Php 2,200. What's even great is that subscribers can get the new WiFi modem for FREE when they upgrade their current myDSL plant to 1299 or higher. You can SAVE as much as Php 1,500 versus having a seperate modem and router! I can say that PLDT myDSL truly lives up to their promise of constant innovation and providing us with products and services---beyond broadband. If you want to see the complete features, here are my interpretation of it:

  • No heavy IQ required (Plug-and-play just like the regular myDSL modem) - It is just plug and play and you are already in a new dimension of the cyber world. If you are used to with your regular myDSL modem, then this should be a no-brainer for you.
  • No strings attached (Enjoy up to 25 meters of myDSL WiFi connection) - With the new PLDT myDSL modem+wifi I don't have to limit my mobility. With my gadgets with me around the house, I can connect even if I am 25 meters away. That's what you call mobility!
  • Share a wifi, Win more (High-speed plan subscribers can connect simultaneously via WiFi) - If you have a high-speed plan with PLDT myDSL, then even if you have other siblings at home who connects to the internet then it should not be a problem. One should not wait too long to update their status message on their wall on the different "Social Networking" sites like Facebook as all you in the house can update it easily.
  • 4 is more (It has a 4-port hub for more connections and can be used for future services) - Well if you are not yet satisfied with the offerings above, PLDT myDSL even extend it further by its 4-port hub! Imagine Mommy, Daddy, Sister/Brother and you can connect at the same time! Now, you can sing the song about brushing teeth differently "Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, How's many are your Facebook friends online?"
  • Support me anywhere (Allows remote troubleshooting) - With PLDT myDSL remote troubleshooting feature, you don't have to worry that your crops in Farmville will dry or your dishes in Restaurant City will be over-cooked. You feel safe that there will be a remote troubleshoot to help you on the way. It's like you 911 in PLDT myDSL.

For all Manny Pacquiao fans, you can watch his upcoming World Super Welterweight Championship bout against Antonio Margarito on November 14 streamed LIVE using PLDT myDSL Watchpad. It is surely best enjoyed when paired with the new PLDT myDSL wifi modem. Aside from this fight you can also view other 20 FREE channels such as Pinoy Box Office (PBO), Cartoon Network, CNN, National Geographic Channel, Channel V, The Biography Channel, and many more. Not yet on Watchpad? Sign-up at www.pldtwatchpad.com

If you want to know more about PLDT myDSL, you can log on to www.myworldmydsl.com

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