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Posted by kahitanoito - - 5 comments

2010 is a special year for me and for this blog as technically the life of this blog started during this year. I started this blog just as a personal stuff to share post for every Filipino around the world some great news (mostly sales/contests) out there where they can benefit from.

In just a year around 100 posts have been shared on this blog, which hopefully was able to make an impact in a small way to the lives of my followers/readers. I initially thought my relatives and friends would just be the followers and readers of my blog but to my surprise a lot of people followed or liked this page and even shared their comments.

Last year (2009), I just used to view blogs of some of my favorite bloggers but 2010 made it special as I was able to meet them and even join them on some events. I was afraid initially to mingle since I'm just a newbie and might be at par with their standards. Fortunately, I am surprised that they are kind group of people. I might be younger than them but they are even cooler when it comes to party and events. I hope this coming 2011, I would be able to join them more on events and balance it with my professional work. Hope to gain more blogger friends this coming year.

kahitanoito's 2010 experiences are not at all good. However, I treat them as a learning experience for me to enhance my craft and be more responsible. If in any way I have offended/harmed you (hopefully there's none), I hope you will be able to forgive me. I don't take criticisms against you and hopefully you can continually guide me as I improve my blogging skills. :p

As we end 2010, I would just like 10 people/group that have been influential to the successful year of kahitanoito. In random order, here are the people I would like to thank:

  • Yoshinoya Philippines YCPI - One of the first companies who supported this blog. I was very amazed that even I'm a new blogger they did not hesitate to support me. Thanks for the partnership and hopefully I will be able to still partner with you to more contest and promo with my blog.
  • Thunderbird Resorts - I am very surprised when Nikka sent me an email inviting me to blog for their resort in Rizal. It was one of the best blogging experiences that I had this year and I truly treasure it. I would like to thank Thunderbird Resorts especially Nikka and Princess for the great support!
  • Nokia Philippines - One of the tech companies that has been a strong supporter of this blog. I am very happy how fast they respond to my queries and to address my concerns. I am very happy with the partnership with them. Thanks Ms. Nikka Abes and the entire Nokia Philippines for the support
  • Adidas Philippines - I have always been a constant blogger to be invited to their events. I really liked their products and it is also an honor to blog for something you really like to wear.
  • KFC Philippines - I would also like to thank KFC for always keeping me on the loop on their events. They are one of the most supportive and kind companies I met on my blogging career. I also love blogging them as I'm really a certified finger-licking good addict!
  • SM Supermalls/Cyberzone/Cinema/Bowling and group of companies - Also a great partner on this blog, I would like to thank them for consistently inviting me on their events. Thanks and will be happy to blog for your company.
  • Coffee Companies (Starbucks Philippines, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines, Seattle's Best Coffee Philippines) - These 3 coffee companies has been very supportive and helpful for me this year. They were able to help me understand their company better and the products that they offer and also the communities that they help. I enjoy each of your products and hope to be invited always with your events as well.
  • AXN Asia - An Amazing Race fanatic like me will be honored to blog for AXN. I am very happy that this year, amidst not being part of the TARA4 or the mini-event, I was able to get close to our best bets for TARA 4 and even cover their victory party. Thanks to Ms. Joyce Ramirez for making it possible.
  • Fellow Bloggers + PR Agencies (Green Bulb PR, Perlas and Luna, Fuentes Manila, Publicity Asia, Geiser Maclang) + Nuffnang Philippines - I will not have sufficient post on this blog without the invite from these PR firms. I would like to thank Green Bulb PR for being the first PR agency to invite me on the events. Perlas & Luna has always been there as well to invite me for Ayala land, Pizza Hut and other events. Fuentes Manila has been one of my partners lately this season and I really appreciate their flash as lightning response to my queries. I would also like to thank Gaeslar Maclang for inviting me on their events as well. I would also like to thank my fellow blogger Az for always extending invite to me and I really appreciate it. I would also like to thank all the bloggers whom I have treated as a friend this year. Thanks Jeff, Jonel, Jayson, Arvin, Lace, Alvin, Jay-el, Resly, Abet, Ning, Alex, Mel, Ryan, Anton, Gael, David, Ching and all the other bloggers which I have met this year. Thanks to Nuffnang Philippines as well for allowing me to be a Nuffnanger and be invited on their events and promos.
  • Loyal Kahitanoito Blog Followers and Fans - I could not say more but thanks for all the help. I may not be usually posting entries on this blog but really appreciate the support every time I post one. I have instances where I think this is useless but you are the life of this blog. Hope you can help expand the community of supporters of this blog. A very big THANK YOU for always supporting me!

All these will not be possible without the guidance of our Lord up above. I know He wanted me to be a blogger to be an influence to others while improving myself as well. Hope more blessings this coming year and my blogger friends expand 11 times more this 2011. I promise myself to have more time as well this year. :)

5 Responses so far.

  1. Chyng says:

    wo daming sponsors! ikaw na! Ü
    more events and income sa 2011!

  2. ang goal ko this year is seseryosohin ko na ang sumama sa mga contests mo dito. agawan paba ang ibang followers. bwahaha

  3. ...it was nice meeting you this year Don!!!!!

  4. Thanks a lot also,sana sama nyo nmn ako ulit hehe...

  5. Jon Uy says:

    Woot! God Bless you more this 2011.

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