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*Image courtesy of Nuvali (click image to enlarge)
There's this usual saying that there's money from garbage or if translated in Filipino "may pera sa basura". We might think it is just a saying but Nuvali is making it as a reality with their upcoming "Ayala Recyclables Fair" that will happen every quarter starting this February 18, 2011 (8AM - 3PM). The event will happen at Nuvali, Laguna (entrance along Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road).

People can bring recyclable materials during the event and earn money out of it. Some of the materials they can exchange money are papers, cartons, e-waste (e.g. cd, dvd), plastics, metal, printer cartridges and used lead acid battery. You may refer to the full list of materials at the end of this post. If you want to know how much you will earn by exchanging these products, you may refer to this file uploaded in Google docs.

I think more than the money, I encourage everyone to support this activity to support our battle in saving the environment. We are facing several issues and with such activities, it will help reduce the pollution we experienced right now. It is our responsibility to keep this world clean for the future generations to come. I hope we can have more activities like this so people can not just earn in these times of crisis but at the same time save our environment.

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Complete List of Recyclable Materials:
*Image courtesy of Nuvali (click image to enlarge)

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