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Last Saturday (February 19, 2011), all roads are leading to SM Mall of Asia. Families from all walks of life prepared as the night will turn into a majestic show of lights with the 2nd Pyro Musical competition. It is a much anticipated week as it will be a great battle with Portugal and United Kingdom going head to head. I'm very privileged that I'm invited to cover this event (Thanks Melo and Christian) at the VIP section to witness this awesome event. MOA is really jam packed when I arrive at MOA with the entire audience anticipating the great show in the sky that night.
Portugal presentation last February 11, 2011
First to present is the representative of Portugal. It's actually my first time to watch a Pyro Musical competition and Portugal was really impressed me so much. Their style is really on 3 fireworks at the same time pattern. They turn the night sky as a canvass drawing flower-like images that any lady would truly adore. Their finale is really one of a kind as if you have seen the sun that my camera cannot handle.
A snapshot of United Kingdom's excellent finale
When everyone though Portugal's presentation was really awesome, then they haven't seen much. United Kingdom followed with also a spectacular performance. They have great blending of fireworks display and musical artistry at its finest. The audience was happy that United Kingdom even used the famous song of Katy Perry lately, Fireworks, to boast their excellent artwork in the sky. The intensity of their fireworks improve as the time goes by that we are really at awe most especially when their finale was shown. We should have brought our shades as the whole SM MOA bay was enlightened by the colorful fireworks. 
Excellent image of fireworks from UK
Over-all both countries are really great that the entire audience applauded all their effort. Personally though if I were to choose between the two, I will pick United Kingdom's presentation because of the variety of fireworks and nice blending of music. The choice of songs was also excellent that a lot of people can relate. The entire experience was really fantastic and I'm very excited to watch Week 3 of this competition. Too bad I missed the first week when Spain and Korea. I will share my thoughts for Week 3 after my coverage tomorrow

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