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A glimpse of an outstanding finale from the Philippines! Proud to be a Filipino
It is the last week of the 2nd Pyro Musical Competition last Saturday (March 12, 2011) at the SM Mall of Asia. I'm very excited to attend the last night of the competition because it is when the judges will announce the winner after the 5 weeks of magical show on air. I wasn't able to cover Week 1 and Week 3 but I have my favorites as well.

Australia presentation started while on my way to MOA :(
I left Makati at around 5PM as per my experience it has been quite hard to commute going to SM MOA whenever there is a Pyro Musical competition. I thought I will be early this week at the venue since I left early and at the same time there has been a tsunami scare the night before (I do pray for the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami). I even tried to check on alternative route just to be at the venue early ... but my plans did not succeed. I am still at Buendia cor Chino Roces Ave. and the vehicles is already at a stand still. Normally, you can reach Buendia LRT station in around 20 minutes or less but that night it took me more than an hour. The problem does not only stop there as when I reach Buendia station to find the mini-jeep going to MOA, it is full. Actually, the street is full of people looking for a ride going to MOA. Good thing luck is still on my side as I'm walking past a passenger van going to MOA, one of the passengers went out so I was able to get her seat.

Great fireballs from AU!
The entire Roxas Boulevard is still congested with a lot of vehicles going to MOA that night. I am really depressed that it is already past 7pm and I'm still far from MOA. I am already in the corner near the Toyota branch near MOA and Heritage Hotel when I the fireworks display of Australia already started. People commuting drop off from and started walking to witness the great fireworks. I have no choice but to also walk since the street is full of people as if it is EDSA revolution once again. I am actually impressed with the presentation of Australia. Too bad I wasn't able to hear the music played with their fireworks but according to my father who is already at the venue, the choice of music was also great. I like Australia's fireworks which appear to be small at first then fade and suddenly will burst like a big ball of fireworks. The fireworks look gigantic and it is of different variety. Their presentation was quite long that I was able to reach SM MOA already when their presentation ended.
A snapshot of MOA's crowd that night
The winners was then announced minutes after I arrived at the venue. I am very excited to hear if my bet, which I think you know from my earlier blog post, make it to the top 3. Here are the winners:

  • Champion: CHINA (Liuyang Jinsheng Fireworks, Co.)
  • 1st Runner Up: UNITED KINGDOM (Jubilee Fireworks)
  • 2nd Runner Up: JAPAN (Tamaya Kitahara Fireworks, Co.)
I actually would have thought Japan is better than UK but none the less I think they both deserve to win. I also thought Australia can be able to make it to the top 3. I personally haven't witnessed China's performance but I heard it was really good. Too bad I miss their presentation.

One of the things that excites me to watch this week's Pyro Musical competition is the presentation of our country, Philippines. I do not know if we have the same capability already to compete with the performances of other participating countries for the event. I am having thoughts on my mind of the possible music that they will use. The audience is also very eager to watch the performance and some even wave or hold a Philippine flag to support Platinum Fireworks presentation.

Great opening bang from PH
The moment that all we've been waiting for started. My heart is pumping very fast the second they started their first fireworks. I was really surprised with the opening salvo when they have their fireworks rocketing in the air not only in front of us but also from left and right of our place. They were able to utilize the "foot bridge" of MOA to further light up the sky and amaze the entire crowd. The presentation was so good that I'm smiling all throughout their presentation while taking pictures of their magnificent display. I also love their song choices as they ensure it is something that people can relate and at the same time build momentum of the highlights of their presentation. One of the favorite song of Filipinos on that presentation is Katy Pery's Fireworks, where the crowd even sang while watching the great display. I love the dynamics of the fireworks as it is synchronized with the beat of the music. The presentation was also very long that it made my long walk to MOA really worthy. I must say that if only Philippines was included in the competition, they will definitely have a place in the top 3 (not being biased). :)

I will really miss the Pyro Musical event every Saturday night. I really enjoyed my first year covering this event and hopefully I can be able to cover it again next year. I just do hope I will be able to see all the presentation of the participating countries. I would like to thank SM Mall of Asia, Christian and most especially Melo for the invite every Saturday. I truly appreciate the opportunity given to witness this event. See you again on the 3rd Pyro Musical competition. :)

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