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Great synchronization of "What a Wonderful World" with Japan's Fireworks display
I was fortunately invited once again to cover the 2nd Pyro Musical Competition last March 5. I'm so excited given I'm very pleased during my first experience with Portugal and UK's presentation. I tried to cover for Week 3 but unfortunately I had a previous engagement that I need to attend. Good thing I have time as well to witness a great battle in the sky last week.
Canada's 2 massive blue urchins up in the sky!
I thought the event will be cancelled last week given the it was slightly raining that day. I'm impressed that still people still converge to witness the event amidst this rain with their umbrella and raincoats at hand. Upon my arrival, I already knew a great presentation is up for the audience as they were doing some tests of the fireworks and it is already that great. I had difficulty covering this week since I never experienced covering event when it is raining. I have to cover my camera and wipe off the lens of my camera to have a better shot. I hope you can forgive some of my pictures since some have droplets on my lens and my tripod is unstable that day (my excuses). 

The first country to present that day is Japan. For my previous coverage of Portugal and UK, they both started their fireworks slow then increased until the end. Japan does not follow this usual convention as they started their presentation already with a bang. I though already how can they still build the intensity of the presentation with that big entrance but they were able to sustain until the very end. What I liked with Japan's presentation is the perfect synchronization with their fireworks display. They played the song What a Wonderful World and fire the colors mentioned on the song one by one. I also like how Japan was still able to present their identity with their fireworks. They have cat-looking fireworks which resembles to their famous "Hello Kitty" and they also have a Super Mario inspired song with smiley fireworks up in the sky. I really enjoyed the presentation and massive fireworks display. It is just so amazing to see their presentation and the audience really applauded after their presentation.

I even posted on my Facebook account after Japan's presentation that Canada might have hard time to beat Japan's presentation. Canada is also good with their presentation having several colors every now and then. It is as if you are seeing large and colorful sea urchins appear pop in the sky with their fireworks display. I actually liked the photos I captured with their presentation. I can compare their presentation similar to Portugal last time. 
Capturing Japan's finale was awesome!
Over-all week 4 is a great week again from both competitors. It was a true artistic ingenuity at its finest once again as they showcase their talents on the sky for audience to enjoy. I must really say that they really derve a big applause to have that kind of presentation amidst a drizzling weather. If that is great already last week, it could even much more better if it was not raining. In terms of the head-to-head competition, I think I will have to pick Japan's presentation over Canada. As of the moment, Japan is my top pick to win the competition given the great display of fireworks and at the same time synchronization with the music. It is the presentation so far that has been deliberate in terms of ensuring the great picks of musical background to pair with their fireworks. I really do hope to win or at least be one of the top winners this year. I'm now excited to watch the finale happening this Saturday as the Philippines will show their prowess in this competition together with Australia as well. 

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