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Posted by kahitanoito - - 6 comments

Image showing the epicenter of the earthquake today via inquirer.net a few minutes after it was felt.
It was 6:37 PM today when Filipinos across the metropolis felt that big shake. A few minutes later it was confirmed that a 5.7 magnitude was recorded in the Richter scale. I personally did not felt it as I was outside the office taking my early dinner but unfortunately my officemates was alarmed and frightened of the situation. Filipinos was still fortunate about the situation that we did not faced the same circumstance as Japan where thousands are confirmed casualties of the unfortunate forces of nature. 

Earthquake news released in the net in less than an hour
In light of the situation, Filipinos was still able to communicate via social networking sites like twitter, Facebook and via blog sites to share their experience and educate other people from other parts of the world of the situation. It then sparked an idea on my head that we can leverage technology on such times of crisis not only for information dissemination but also as an opportunity for us to reach help. The earthquake fortunately was not as destructive as of Japan but if it was then we would need a reliable tool that can still let us be connected to such technology anywhere and anytime...like broadband technology.

Broadband technology has been a promising and widely used wireless connectivity tool all over the globe, especially in our country. It might be famous for corporate people who needs to be always connected for their work related matters or for individual who just wants to be connected to the internet. I just think we can use broadband technology in the future in times of disaster or calamities that could come our way. Here are some of the ways it can be of great help for us:
  • Emergency response  - In times of such earthquake, phone lines and DSL connection might be down due to infrastructure that has been destroyed. In such cases, we can rely on broadband connection to get connected in the internet and possibly connect to emergency response unit on your area.
  • Information Dissemination - Such times we need to be informed right away of this natural calamities. We need to know if there could be a possible tsunami on the way to your area. We should utilize the technology around us to inform others about the situation. I personally found it useful to be informed about the earthquake that happened earlier because of it but having a broadband connection on the go will enable you to share data ahead of time
  • Share and Help - Social media has been an instrumental to also reach out and help our fellow brothers from any parts of the world who are in need. Time is of the essence and we should act quickly to provide necessary help in our own little ways. One can set-up while on the road a directory of centers (e.g. Red Cross, DSWD, etc.) who can provide shelter affected by the community. NGOs and volunteers can also use wireless connectivity via broadband technology to share the venue and schedule of relief operations where one can volunteer into. We might be faced with catastrophes but we should never be down but instead look at it as an opportunity to be an enable of help to others. I personally have been able to help after the typhoon Ondoy and devote time packing relief goods that will be delivered to the affected families. I was able to know about it because of the information on the internet while on-the-go. I might not have provided monetary help but the effort in ensuring we have goods to deliver has for sure help give hope to our fellow brothers.
Me helping at the relief operations for Ondoy victims
I know we must not panic but at the same time we should always be prepared. In line with this, we should invest in ensuring we have such tool to be connected anywhere and anytime if such forces of nature will strike us. If planning for a broadband connection, you should go already for a tried and tested to be reliant even in such times of disaster, like Smart Bro. I think it is the best time for you to invest on having their 2 amazing SMART BRO Unlimited Home Broadband Plan 999 or 1995 depending on your needs. You will not only get a stable signal and consistent surf speed with Smart Bro but also the following features (see the video below as well):

  • Free All-in-One Printer - Another tool that can help you print directories of people to contact in times of crisis, labels for your first-aid kits and other relevant information in times of crisis.
  • Free Calls & Texts with SMART Gold Lite Plan 300 for 6 months subscription - We might not have enough time to boot our laptops in times of help but with such alternative tool to call out for help or at least send message to your loved ones that you are safe can be extremely valuable.
  • Free 1 month broadband subscription - Money is of the essence in times of difficulty. Having such free subscription for just a month will already ensure of extra security to be connected without already hitting my wallet.
The Smart BRO Unlimited Home Broadband Promo has started last March 4, 2011 and will run until June 4, 2011. Don't miss out this opportunity as the offer may not happen again so you have to grab the opportunity now. It is better to be prepared especially with all the things happening around us. If you have further inquiries about the promo, you may visit the nearest SMART Wireless Center or any SMART BRO accredited agents. The promo is per DTI-NCR Permit No. 1871, Series of 2011.

Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 1871, Series of 2011
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6 Responses so far.

  1. rdnofera says:

    yes indeed, we need a speedy and reliable internet that can help connect us Filipinos in times of crisis. But aside from that, we also need to prepare ourselves for any situation, be it earthquake or floods. We never can tell what will happen in the future. Government should also take necessary steps so that they can respond faster to emergencies.

    hope you could share your thoughts on my blog too...
    good luck to us!

  2. Ruth says:

    True indeed. Facebook features news on how Facebook helped save lives of users through social media. :)

    Hope you can comment on my blog post too ;)


  3. Anonymous says:

    Good Luck! Nice entry

  4. Rey De Dios says:

    Clever. Very interesting article indeed. Hope you will win this promo

  5. Anonymous says:

    congratulations dude! creative in putting smart bro on your article

  6. Thanks everyone for all the support! I hope your support will help SMART decide to be one of their winners. Thanks once again!

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