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World Water Day logo
Normally we think the month of March is just about the month of Graduation, summer season and fire prevention month. Ironically, we might not be aware, that we also celebrate the World Water Day during this month. Today, March 22, actually marks the 19th year of this celebration and one of the key focus is on the importance of freshwater and advocating the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

Drinking eight glasses of water regularly remains a challenge for many of us today. Although health professionals have been repeatedly emphasizing the importance of this practice, the preference for other beverages like flavored juices or carbonated drinks continues to grow at unprecedented levels.

Unknown to many, there are so many advantages that come with drinking pure, clean water everyday. In celebration of World Water Day this month, people around the world are being called to spread the good news on the benefits of drinking water and the importance of preserving  sources of potable water all over the world.

The World Water Day is a global movement that started in 1992 after a recommendation at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) was made to designate an international day to celebrate freshwater.   The United Nations General Assembly responded by designating March 22, 1993 as the first World Water Day and has since then being celebrated on the same day each year. Every year, the global celebration has managed to widely promote the importance of the sustainable management of freshwater resources and improve water situation in different parts of the world. See the complete general information on World Water Day on this document.

This year, Tupperware, a global brand and one of the most avid supporters of the World Water Day worldwide, once again affirms its commitment in instilling the value of freshwater to the public. As one of the world’s most trusted brands, Tupperware has always been committed to creating smart product solutions that promote sustainable management of water around the world.

In celebration of World Water Day,  Tupperware shares important information on why we all should get into the habit of drinking pure, clean water using Tupperware Water Solutions, a range of water bottles and containers that are durable, high-quality, and eco-friendly.  
Tupperware Eco Bottle

  • Boosts health. By carrying a Tupperware Water Solution with you all day, you will be reminded to drink the minimum 64oz or 2L of water required daily. Proper hydration helps regulate body temperature and eliminate toxins. Drinking water regularly also helps decrease appetite, burns fat more efficiently while helping maintain stamina and reduces fatigue. What’s more, drinking water everyday allows body cells to better use valuable nutrients and minerals.
  • Saves time and space. Using a Tupperware Water Solution helps save space   otherwise used for storing disposable bottles. Moreover, it helps conserve time and energy spent for shopping and transporting disposable bottles.
  • Saves money. Using Tupperware Water Solution is considerably less expensive than purchasing bottled water every day. You can save up to P20,000 per year simply by drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day using a Tupperware Water Solution product filled with clean drinking water, instead of bottled water
  • Helps save the environment. Using Tupperware Water Solution is a great way to help protect the environment. It helps prevent billions of disposable bottles from ending up in landfills where they will take an estimated 1,000 years to biodegrade. This also saves billions of barrels of oil used per year in the manufacture and transport of disposable bottles for global consumption. Furthermore, opting to use Tupperware products lowers energy consumption and prevents emission of millions of tons of carbon dioxide created during manufacture of bottled water from increasing the world’s “Greenhouse Effect.”

Tupperware 2L Fridgemates Water Bottle

To help the public get into the habit of drinking water, Tupperware introduces the Eco Water Bottle, reusable, durable and ergonomically designed drinking bottle that provides a sustainable and economical water solution while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Made from safe, non-toxic material, the Eco Water Bottle can be continuously refilled, minimizing the need for disposable bottles. Whether at home or on the go, its 2L capacity assures you achieve your daily recommended water intake by consuming the contents of 1 Eco Bottle, plus a refill of it. It also conveniently fits in backpacks and gym bags, so you can drink water anytime, anywhere.

Tupperware Beverage Bottle
Aside from the Eco Water Bottle, other Tupperware Water Solution products include the Giant Tumblers and the Beverage Buddy, which are perfect water carriers for picnics and other outdoor gatherings; the Tupperware Beverage Bottle, which features a removable bottom cap that can be used as a drinking cup and with a flip-top seal that ensures hygienic use; and the Fridgemates 2L Water Fridge Bottle which helps ensure that you and your family get clean drinking water all the time.

Start the habit of drinking water today and discover how you can improve your health while doing your share of preserving water resources to protect the earth.

I personally believe we should all act and save the water resources that we currently have. We are the steward of this planet and it is our responsibility to make good use of the resources nature has provided to us and protect it for the generations to come. We should start in our own little ways to save water and at the same time nourish ourselves with the nutrients it can provide our body. With Tupperware at hand, one will have an efficient way to conserve water (at the same time energy) and enjoy nature's gift to mankind.

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