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There is a commercial asking consumers "Saan aabot ang 20 pesos mo?" with all the humor given that it could not survive in the high prices of commodity. How about we make the value bigger and make it "Saan aabot ang 500 pesos mo?" ? We might still think it is impossible to buy good things with 500 bucks at hand. Worry no more as a new group buying site, 500PesoDeals.com which can make the value of your Ninoy maybe twice or even more! 

Image courtesy of 500PesoDeals.com Facebook fan page
The 500 PesoDeals.com also offers consumer who register to win a brand new iPad 2. You can even increase your chances in winning by inviting a  friend to register. Here is the full detail of the site and the promo:
"What more has Noy-Ni got for the Noy-Pi? Plenty, if you sign in to get updates from 500PesoDeals.com, which starts boosting your bucks May 13!
Can one Ninoy bill actually get boosted to twice its value or more? And can the same deal possibly score you a sweet iPad 2 – yes, the same gadget that got sold out all over the world on the day after its release? Oh, yes it can. All these and more are what savvy Pinoy shoppers can look forward to with 500PesoDeals.com.

Unlike other group-buying sites, though, with 500PesoDeals, what you see is what you get. A single P500 – no more and no less - can buy you entry into the hottest events and parties, a meal at the best restaurants, and a seat at the coolest experiences all over the country. And for those who have premium budgets in mind, check out our Super Booster deals – huge savings on very high-ticket items with up to 80% off! But make sure to get the deal early – Super Booster Deals have limited quantities!

500PesoDeals makes it easy for you to keep up with all these deals by giving you a chance to win your very own iPad if you register today. Boost your chances of winning by getting your friends in the game. Each friend who registers gets you one entry in the raffle, and there are no limits to how many entries you can earn!

So do you think you and your friends are worthy of such awesomeness? Sign in now, invite your pals, and wait for the deals – and, possibly, that iPad 2 that totally has your name on it – to come rolling in."

What are you waiting for? Join now and invite your friends as you might be the next winner of an iPad 2. :) You may also join via this referral link so you can also help me win!The 500PesoDeals.com will be releasing their deals starting May 13!

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