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Today (April 29, 2011), marks another royal wedding bound to happen in UK. A lot of people are excited and known royalties and influential personalities will attend the wedding of Price William and Kate. The entire world is watching how the entire event will unfold as even the rehearsals are well attended by people from all parts of the world. It's nice to witness a royal wedding but people might not now a royal wedding (for me) happened exactly 66 years ago...the wedding of my Lolo Pilo and Lola Rosenda.
My Lolo Pilo and Lola Rosenda during their 50th wedding anniversary
April 29, 1945 was the date when my Lolo Pilo made an oath to my Lola Rosenda to be his husband in front of the Lord. I have no idea how the wedding went through that time. It might not be  as majestic as what William and Kate will have but for sure the love that they have for each other is incomparable. They might not have big personalities on the entourage but they have the special people around them to witness the occasion.
The entire family during the wedding
I can still recall how we celebrated lolo and lola's golden anniversary last 1995. The entire family spend time to plan for the event and even the grand children are so busy practicing poems, song and dance number for the occasion. I used to remember we need to keep it secret from lolo and lola as it should be a surprise. It was one of the memorable occasion of my childhood and I'm very impressed how they were able to last through 50 years of marriage (even more) while celebrities of today just think of marriage as a joke. Amidst living a simple life in the province, they were able to raise 8 children successfully and guide them with good values. 

They might not be with us anymore but for sure they are renewing their vows in from of God in heaven right now. A lot may be glued on their tv set to watch the royal wedding in UK but for me I do commemorate the wedding of my lolo and lola. We truly miss you but we know you are together happy in heaven right now always looking after us. Congrats to your 66th wedding anniversary Lolo and Lola!

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