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*Image courtesy of Kenny Rogers Roasters Philippines FB fan page
I was injured (again) a few weeks back during a tennis tournament and really sad I wasn't able to complete the match. In order to divert my depression over the accident, I then decided to hear the mass, eat dinner and watch movie. I also decided to myself that I should eat something healthy since I wasn't able to fully engage myself on physical activity given the injury. 
My order of Kenny Rogers Hainanese Chicken Meal!
The first thing that comes to my mind in having a healthy dinner is go to Kenny Rogers. It has been my favorite especially their classic roast chicken. However, when I was in the counter I noticed that a new product is in their menu and it was one of my fave food when I was in Singapore, which is Hainanese Chicken! I am really excited to see that they offer a new variety aside from their usual roast and friend chicken variety. I ordered one right away upon seeing it in the menu.

Up close image of the Hainanese chicken!
The Kenny Rogers Hainanese Chicken meal is composed of  Hainanese style chicken quarter, chicken soup, chicken rice, and sauces (ginger, spicy ginger and sweet soy sauce). The chicken meal though is quite pricey as compared to their roasted variety at Php 185 pesos but I think it is already cheaper as compared to other restaurant offering the same cuisine. 

I'm quite afraid that the Hainanese chicken might be a "trying-hard" version of the original Singapore style Hainanese chicken, which I really loved so much. Fortunately, I was not disappointed by the taste and for me it is relatively close to what I ordered in Singapore. I'm actually impressed as well with the sauces that accompany with my dish since it's really good that I even ordered another serving of it. I must say the spicy ginger one is really good. I wasn't able to try the chicken rice since I don't eat rice but my relatives told me that it is also good since you can taste the chicken flavor in the rice alone. 

Me enjoying my meal!
My Verdict: I recommend the new Hainanese Chicken of Kenny Rogers especially if you want a new twist from their roasted and fried chicken variety. I know a lot of people who have missed Hainanese chicken from Singapore will now have a new place to eat out this chicken variety. I really enjoyed a lot eating this chicken variety and help uplift my spirit after the injury earlier that day. I just do hope Kenny Rogers will also have a more budget friendly variety of this meal so more Filipinos can enjoy and taste this newest offering. :)

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