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"Why I Blog?" This has been one of the hardest questions I faced when I started constructing this blog. It took me months to have my first post because I have always been thinking on what should be the purpose of my blog and what sets it apart from all my idols and known blogger in the industry. I tried to look back what pushed me to invest on this and I can summarize it into 3 things:
  • To SHARE - I want to impart to my readers my own experiences I had on my daily life. I want them to have a taste of what I experienced via the post on my blog. I want this blog to by my tool to also share the talents/skills I gained through his blessings., and hopefully my readers will use it for the benefit of others as well. I also want this blog to be their source of information that could potentially improve their lives. It might be a simple post on events/contests, but I do believe that somehow this post could have brought a smile...a simple smile that helped ease the pain and put a spark of hope on the hearts of my readers amidst all the challenges in life.
  • To IMPROVE - I know that I had improvement areas in terms of writing but I still blog because I know it will help improve my skills in the end. I believe that my readers and the members of the blogging community can help correct my mistakes and slowly help build my confidence within me. I blog because more than improving my skills I know that I can gain something more than money can offer...friends. I might not know them personally but since I was able to improve their lives through my blog help gain a connection to them.  
  • To INSPIRE - I blog to rekindle the hope in the hearts of every reader that visits my blog. It has been the ultimate purpose of this blog ... to be an inspiration for everyone.  I hope I can be a living testament for them that in my simple blog I was able to help myself, the people who read my blog and most especially our country. I hope they realized that one doesn't need power, wealth, seniority to impact the lives of others, a blog can just be the tool that we need in order to ignite that burning passion and desire to succeed among the heart of Filipinos
kahitanoito - a blog about anything under the sun... A proudly Filipino blog that SHARES posts which creates positive INFLUENCE and IMPROVE the life of any individual from all walks of life.

I hope further expand my influence as I learn more from the experts of this craft and from fellow bloggers as well. I do wish i will be given a chance to get a scholarship from Maven Secrets (http://www.mavensecrets.net/) courtesy of the promo from My Properity Project (http://www.myprosperityproject.com/2011/03/win-p50000-worth-of-scholarships-from.html)

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