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Penshoppe Brand Director discuss what the audience will expect in a while
I was honored to be selected to be invited at the Philippine Fashion Week 2011 to cover for Penshoppe's new collection. The show was attended by a lot of fashion icons and celebrities like Kat Alano, Prince Stefan, and Victor Aliwalas to name some. VIP and members of the press were the first to enter but it was already jam-packed with guest filling up the seats. They even have to add chairs as the number of guests grew as the show near to start.
The show started with an awesome collection fit for the current generation
Their show was entitled "Trailblazer" and I was already intrigued knowing the title of this show. I was able to see Penshoppe's collection last PFW 2010 and I'm wondering what are they going to offer this season. Here's an explanation about the concept behind "Trailblazer" :

TRAILBLAZER — as the PENSHOPPE Holiday 2011 runway event title — depicts those who conduct their lives off the beaten path: an innovator and pioneer, as it were. A leader is innovative inasmuch as people WANT to follow him or her, and DO — thus, a trailblazer must be emulated, so to speak. A test for an ultimate trailblazing assignment involves the ability to turn over a fruitful discovery into the hands of others.
A very hip and trendy style seen on PFW
The idea for the title was born out of a James Bond aesthetic and persona. Thus, TRAILBLAZER actually resonates comfortably as a Bond-film title of sorts. This aesthetic is reinforced further in the catwalk with traces of James Bond themes that will surely trigger vivid associations with the dapper secret service agent. 
The given title flows from a natural progression from previous ones — i.e., Revolution, Elevation, and Arrivalist. Once a person has remarkably arrived, setting an example for others to emulate would be the consequent challenge. The title not only describes the brand thrusting forward; but, extends further to those who choose to wear PENSHOPPE merchandise —creating a brand and style loyalty among peers.

According to Penshoppe, their Holiday 2011 collection ups the ante with the latest jeans as its pièce de résistance. Designer and stylist Raoul Ramirez, the person who has put together myriad ensembles for the highly anticipated show, said that they are highlighting the basics, and re-interpreting classic silhouttes. Read the article from Penshoppe below to know more about their collection:

grommets, studs and rivets
PENSHOPPE drives for the rock‘n’roll vibe. Feverishly consistent with the brand’s appeal, the  new jeans are embellished with hardware — grommets, studs, and rivets — while the shirts are sprinkled with glitter and sparkle. With just a fancy blazer thrown in, daywear rocks to party-hardy into the night.

The collection is, likewise, peppered with dresses, jackets, skirts, and slacks that bring glam back to life! In shades of dusty gray, wicked black, and buff beige, they can be jigsawed for an imaginative, and thought-provoking ensemble. Utilizing fabrics such as flat knit, jersey, and cotton — PENSHOPPE’s latest togs intersperse form and function across climates, and for whatever purpose. See the pictures taken during the show below:

The prints and graphics on the cushy dresses are edgier, and slipping into a pair of high shine boots would make this look rock. If, however, dresses just don’t grab you, a structured coat over a pair of shorts gives that casual yet chic air, or go punk in a leather motorcycle jacket and waxed jeans pairing. Your mood. Your choice!
Perfect pair - A coat over a pair of shorts
For those keen on wearing brights, color-blocking is an option too with vivid tones of wine red, mustard, turquoise, and green. As Ramirez puts it, “It’s all just a matter of how you dress up your basics.” From simple white tees to waxed dark denim, PENSHOPPE has the bases covered.
A nice colored outfit on the collection
First up, grunge with athletic inclinations weave a new spin on sportswear. A slouchy tank and roomy pants, along with a play on the classic shirt and sleek bottoms would spell out an unusual twist. If frill and glitz are for you, then streamlined and lightweight lustrous blazers to fierce leather creations are there to layer your basics with.

Nice dress for girls!
Then, there’s the necessary band jacket — the genre’s sine qua non makes a welcome appearance this season. “The band My Chemical Romance pops to mind when you see the outfits,” notes Ramirez. As bold shoulders and unusual adornments are incorporated into this piece, it will light up your separates in no time. There’s always that dash of appeal on a man in uniform, right?

PENSHOPPE brushes on a gothic fascination too — leg-skimming bottoms and au courant pieces that bring you bold satisfaction — in black, naturally. As the brand continues to churn fashion-forward apparel that its staunch followers can easily relate to, the new collection is bound to get style savants and fashion ingénues in a frenzy
Victor Basa and Solenn Heusaff appluaded by the audience as they pass to show Penshoppe's collection
The crowd really like the collection that was shown that night. The audience even applauded when their celebrity endorser Solenn Heusaff, Bea Soriano, their newest celebirity endorse Mikael Daez and most especially a good friend of mine Victor Basa. I would like to have the inner top that Victor and Mikael wore that night. I also love the collection of casual jackets/ blazer being a jacket lover myself. 
Mikael Daez and Bea Soriano also present at the event
I really enjoyed the show and would actually want to see more. I think this year collection of Penshoppe is even better compared last year. I think its edgy yet still having the class that you can wear anytime. Good job to the designers and to the entire Penshoppe team. I think they really reserved the last day of PFW 2011 for the best show like what you have prepared. I'm now excited what's in store for next year's Philippine Fashion Week from Penshoppe.

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