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Chic Moms Club logo
Last May 18, members of the media and press were invited at the press launch of a newest club, especially for mommies out there. Bounty Fresh, largely considered as Asia's best chicken, winner of the Asian Livestock Industry Award last 2009 and pioneer in vacuum packed chicken, unveiled its latest offering, the Chic Moms Club (www.chicmomsclub.com).

The Chic Moms Club is a one-stop website or online club for mommies, which provides chic moms tips in fashion, home and health, dining and food & events. I think a lot of mom have been looking with such online site especially to cater to a lot of moms. I personally observe that a lot of mommies in the Philippines are active online users and having such venue to get these information is really a good thing for Bounty Fresh to provide its valued customers.
Chic Mom Issa Litton hosting the event
During the event, members of this exclusive online club were also invited together with some media and bloggers to witness the official launch of the club. The people during the event are very excited with what will happen with the press launch at Salon De Ning of Manila Peninsula. The event started with Chic Mom Issa Litton hosting the event. She set a very energetic tone as she even asked chic moms around why they considered themselves as Chic Mom. See photos taken during the event:

Ms. Kathleen Gomez of Bounty Fresh

Assistant Brand Manager of Bounty Fresh, Ms. Kathlene Gomez, also shared to the audience about what the Chic Moms Club is all about and what is the reason for building this site for mommies around. As I may quote Ms. Kathlene, "This event is a celebration of all moms. We understand how moms are generally busy and we know that a one-stop venue such as the www.chicmomsclub.com website helps in their time management, while providing entertainment and information as well,". She even added that via the website they can communicate their latest promos, such as their Php10 discount on Bounty Fresh chicken bought at Chooks-to-Go outlets, E-recipes from well-known chefs and also exclusive invites to Bounty Fresh events.

The event was also attended by some of the famous chef like Bruce Lim, Sau Del Rosario, Melissa Sison and David Pardo de Ayala. These chefs were also asked what they liked about Bounty Fresh and their favorite chicken part. Here is what Chef Sau Del Rosario have to say about Bounty Fresh:
Philippines well-respected chefs interviewed about why they like Bounty Fresh
"We are very much impressed with how Bounty Fresh is packed.  Compared to other chickens around and the takal system in public markets, Bounty Fresh is vacuum-sealed and its freshness is packed and preserved. The chicken comes out plumpier and juicier, making our dishes tastier and more delicious. I consider this vacuum-packed chicken the Angus of Dressed Chicken." - Chef Sau Del Rosario
While Issa is interviewing the chef on stage, I was very fortunate to be very close with Ms. Lea Salonga while she waits outside of the venue. She looks at the lists of guests in the event and at the same time attentively listen to the answer of the chef as they are being asked by Issa. Exclusively I even heard her candid comment that "You can never really go wrong with Bounty Fresh" agreeing to the comment of Chef David on Bounty Fresh. I was really starstruck to see her that close (less than a foot from her) that I wasn't able to ask for her autograph or picture. :(
Ms. Lea Salonga sharing some of her tips!
In a few moments, Issa then introduced Ms. Lea Salonga, Bounty Fresh brand ambassador and a chic mom herself. You can really say that she is listening attentively while Issa interviewed the chef before she was introduced as she even answered the questions asked earlier to the chefs. She shared that her favorite part of the chicken are the liver, which is also is my personal favorite. She even shared some tips on how to cook a chicken in whole. She also shared why she visits the Chic Moms club. 
"I like reading. In between takes, during travels, I make do of the time surfing the net and reading interesting websites and one of those that I regularly visit is the Chic Moms club site. I feel it is constantly updated and it has interesting tidbits of information that is always relevant for moms like travel tips, home and health tips and such." - Lea Salonga, Bounty Fresh Brand Ambassador
Ms. Lea Salonga also sang for the people who graced the even with a world-class performance. Really matching to the world-class quality of the product she endorses. 

Mr Tennyson Chen (left), president of Bounty Fresh Inc.
attended the event

Also highlighted was Bounty Fresh’s partnership with Rags to Riches with its president Therese Fernandez commenting on Bounty Fresh’s new project and its continuing support to RIIR in helping conserve the environment while providing source of income for the makers of RIIR bags. Members of the media were given as a token some beautifully crafted merchandise from Rags to Riches.

Members of Chic Moms Club who were able to successfully refer the most number of members were also awarded with designer bags like LV. Wrapping up the event, chic moms club members and the media went home with cool prizes while a lucky winner snatched a brand new Samsung Galaxy tablet, which happens to be a fellow blogger friend of mine. Too bad I wasn't able to win in the raffle. :)

Chic Moms Club is fast growing and has generated more than 20,000 members since its initial public introduction.

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