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Image courtesy of Penshoppe Philippines
This year is lavishly interrupted with a telltale narrative that takes us beyond the usual resort terrain into the whimsy and excitement of the jetset spotlight. The tableau takes on a documentary flavor — from the eyes of Pilar Tuason, resident lens crafter — rather than a high-fashion spread, and is set on a private hangar with aircraft a-plenty.

“This collection is heavier on the basics: PENSHOPPE’s irrefutable domain. Not only are the frontliners decked out to rock‘n’roll; but, the pesty paparazzi and frantic bodyguards are donning PENSHOPPE blazers and dark jeans as well, says brand director, Alex S. Mendoza.

Image courtesy of Penshoppe Philippines

Fronting the ad campaign are Solenn Heusaff, Akihiro Sato, Bea Soriano, and Mikael Daez. In describing the current collection, Solenn notes, “It’s so rock chic, which I absolutely identify with. I love the men’s denim that’s dipped in wax, which gives it a leather-like sheen.” “I love it, because it’s very punk glam, and they do have the best pair of jeans bar-none — studs and  grommets add a whole lotta funk to the wardrobe,” adds statuesque Bea Soriano.

Glammed up jeans and tees, in largely monochromatic and neutral hues with just the right  splash of well-thought-out accessories fuse function with fashion effortlessly.
Image courtesy of Penshoppe Philippines
A new and very welcome addition to the PENSHOPPE model roster, Mikael Daez says, “PENSHOPPE has a diverse clothing line-up. For those who are more stylish and trendy, they have the more spiffy array of choices, and for the more laid-back folk, like me, they have most definitely kept us in mind and unforgotten too.”

Image courtesy of Penshoppe Philippines
Meanwhile, PENSHOPPE brings its landing gear to the runway with TRAILBLAZER: Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011. The collection embodies those “known for independent thought, rugged individualism, and pioneering mindsets.”

Whether you prefer to slip into a pair of leg-skimming embellished jeans, topped off with a stark white shirt to bring out your inner rock streak or emulate your favorite fashion icon by throwing over a leather jacket and dark sunnies to spruce up your wardrobe, you’ll be making that bold and confident statement!

The legendary brand, now on its 25th year of trailblazing, has expanded the idea of day-to-night casual wear with a few tweaks in styling — seemingly juxtaposing the lavish with distinct minimalism. It continues to live up to the hype that has enveloped it with an intense fervor.

Here's a behind the scene footage of Penshoppe's newest ad:
*The material above is a press release of Penshoppe Philippines

Personally, I love the new style of Penshoppe. I really love the concept of this shoot especially that I love B&W photography. The new style of Penshoppe will fit the generation of today of hip and yet with class. I would love to buy especially Mikael's top on his solo pic above. 

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