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Image courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald
After 12 rounds of professional boxing, Pacquiao has been the run-away winner on this bout. It was a no surprise from the audience and spectators all over the world that Manny can still defend his title. Pacquiao got for my personal scorecard all the rounds even there has been an effort in round 8 from Mosley.

During the announcement, the judges scored the bout 119-108, 120-108, and 120-107 all in favor for Manny Pacquiao to retain the WBO welterweight belt. It is really the right decision for the judges to go unanimously for Manny given the lame performance from Shane Mosley.

The crowd though is disappointed with the match. They thought it could still be an exciting match but unfortunately Shane Mosley is very worried to throw away punches and really fight to the limit. I think Mosley really just have a mission at the ring to still retain a clear KO slate even if he didn't win. Many people even here in Manila have been expecting to knock-out Shane but the last bell rang with both contenders still standing.

Amidst the unexciting fight earlier, the Filipinos are still rejoicing for the win of Manny. For me, I don't care if he wasn't able to end the match with a KO because what's more important is that he was still successful in defending his belt and make everyone proud. It really made me proud to be a Filipino...the race of brave warriors. 

Congratulations once again to Rep. Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao!

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