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Starbucks Happy Hour poster at Starbucks Jupiter branch!
The summer heat is really at its peak. It's hard to stay long outdoors as the scorching heat of the sun makes Manila like a large microwave oven. Good thing we have cold drinks that can let us still enjoy the summer heat...like our favorite Starbucks Frappuccino. What's even better is their slashing half of its original price at the time when the sun is at its highest point! Yes, you read it right Starbucks Philippines is offering 50% discount on their Frappuccino drinks during their "Happy Hour", which is 12NN to 2PM everyday from today (May 2,  2011) to May 8, 2011!

Queue at Starbucks Jupiter when I arrived
Since it's a great promo, I tried to check it out and avail of it. I arrived at Pacific Star branch a few minutes after 1PM and the line was like the queue at Apple store during iPad release. When I arrived at the store there are 4 rows of people in line to place their orders and there are still a lot of people outside waiting for their drinks to be made. 

I almost decided not to avail of their promotion when I realized there is a Starbucks store in Jupiter Street, Makati City which could have less people (since its not near to big offices and quite far from major routes. I then rushed to that store and I made the right decision since the queue is a lot less as compared to Pacific Star branch. When I arrived I am the fourth or fifth person in queue although a lot of people is still waiting for their drinks. I noticed some people ordered in bulk that's why there are still people waiting. Well, at least I was able to place my order in just a few minutes. I'm quite happy since the staff on this branch are still courteous and high-spirited amidst being under pressure to serve a lot of people at their store during that hour. Kudos to the staff for their quick and good service to the customers! At the end of the day, this really has been a Happy Hour for me!
The line a few minutes before the 2PM cut-off
For other who failed to get a half-priced frap earlier, you can still avail until May 8, 2011. However, Starbucks just released that they will now allow only up to 2 beverage per person starting tomorrow (May 3, 2011). I think this is a good move so more people can really avail of this promo. I suggest you be in queue a few minutes before 12NN so you will not have to wait long or else find a Starbucks branch which is not too close with big offices so you can expect a shorter queue. Good luck to your Happy Hour!
Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines Facebook fan page
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