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Image courtesy of Century Tuna
Who said that hotdog is just pork/beef/chicken? Our favorite Century Tuna is leading another innovation by presenting their newest product in town. Upon seeing the invite for the press launch, I'm already curious about the product and what will be the taste of it. I was also curious that "Machete" himself endorses this new product. I think you might have seen Aljur's eye-catching billboard in EDSA and you might be wondering what's the taste of this hotdog and if it can beat the existing hotdog products in the market. If you still haven't seen the product, here's the TV ad campaign of it:

Event stage during the press launch
The press launch was held at Outback Steakhouse and when I arrived, the venue is already full of members of the press and blogger friends to witness the event. A lot of people are already excited about this new product and also to know why Aljur decided to endorse this product. The people at the venue were so lucky as they were able to indulge on a great serving of the newest Healthylicious hotdog from Century Tuna. I immediately asked the staff for one and taste the product.

Century Tuna management with host Phoemela and celebrity endorser Aljur Abrenica
As I was still in day dream after eating the product, the crowd started to move to the stage as the event started with known TV personality and model, Phoemela Baranda, hosted the event. Century Tuna management provided a very informative discussion about their business and what made them decide to venture in the hotdog business. I admire Century Tuna's courage to take the tuna business into another level by introducing a new product like Healthylicious hotdog. One would never thought that eating hotdog can be this healthy. Truly a remarkable innovation.

Aljur Abrenica talks about his decision to endorse the product
After the presentation from Century Tuna management, Phoem introduced already the person the crowd has been waiting for...Aljur Abrenica. If you don't know him, he is a previous winner of reality show Starstruck and branded as one of the hottest guys in the industry today especially when he played "Machete" in GMA7. Aljur discussed during the event about being happy to make his first endorsement with Century Tuna and how he love hotdogs as well. Century Tuna made the right choice in having Aljur to be their endorser as their healthy product matches the personality of Aljur. Now, the known 'machete diet' will include a hefty serving of Century Tuna Healthylicious hotdog

Aljur holding his newest hotdog endrosement
Aljur is kind to have a photo op from the members of the press and also he even made time to have pictures together with some bloggers invited during the event. Here are some photos during the event:

Here's even an EXCLUSIVE coverage of his interview during the event:

If you want to learn more about the product and Aljur Abrenica being their endorser, here's the press release about it:
Image courtesy of Century Tuna
Century Tuna once again paves the way for another exciting healthy food innovation as it unveils the new Century Tuna Healthylicious Hotdog – the first meat hotdog in the market that combines the delicious taste of our all-time favorite hotdog with the healthy goodness of tuna.
Health-conscious individuals will definitely love the combination of good taste and health benefits of new Century Tuna Healthylicious Hotdog.  It has the same delicious taste we’ve always loved while providing a good source of protein.  Because it’s made by Century Tuna, you can be sure of its health-giving benefits: Omega 3 DHA to help you get smart and fit.  It also has 0% trans fat and has no beef or pork content to aid in achieving a fit and healthy body.
Greg H. Banzon, vice president and general manager of Century Canning Corporation, explains why the country’s No. 1 tuna brand came up with such a fresh product concept: “Hotdog remains the most favorite food item for kids and adults alike.  We’ve always loved its taste, it’s ready to eat and can be prepared in so many ways.  We thought of making it healthy for health-conscious individuals by coming out with hotdogs made with real tuna, allowing them to enjoy the hotdog taste they’ve always loved while making it nutritious and guilt-free.”
To represent Century Tuna’s new hotdog product, Century Tuna has chosen young actor Aljur Abrenica as its celebrity endorser.  Angela Gamboa, senior product manager for Century Tuna, relates how Abrenica perfectly embodies the Century Tuna Healthylicious Hotdog brand.  “Aljur is one of today’s fast-rising male stars who is admired not only for his good looks and acting talent but also for his healthy lifestyle choices that are admirable and inspiring for young individuals his age.” 
As a child, Aljur loved hotdogs. And now that he’s grown up, he found the right hotdog that suits his healthy lifestyle. “Ito ang hotdog para sa ‘kin,” Aljur says in his Century Tuna Healthylicious Hotdog commercial.  It’s the perfect choice for this man-child who wants to enjoy life and yet be able to eat healthy.
One of tinseltown’s hottest and most-sought-after leading men, Abrenica, 21, shot to fame four years ago after winning the Ultimate Hunk title in StarStruck.  He has since then starred in top-rating teleseryes such as Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin?, Luna Mystica, Zaido, The Last Prince, and Ilumina.  
Image courtesy of Century Tuna
But it was his recent starrer Machete that had made Abrenica one of TV’s sexiest stars.  It was during the filming of the teleserye that Abrenica became even more conscious of his physique, adapting a rigorous physical training and healthy diet to achieve the perfectly chiseled body of the iconic character.
Such preference for healthy choices and for an active lifestyle has made Abrenica the perfect choice for the new Century Tuna Healthylicious Hotdog.  Today’s young consumers can definitely relate to Abrenica, who despite his busy schedule, remains conscious of his health.  Century Tuna’s new meat hotdog product is perfectly made for individuals like Aljur who want to stick to a healthy diet but manage to strike a balance by choosing food that is healthy yet tastes good.
“I love hotdogs and it’s great that Century Tuna has come up with a meat hotdog made with real tuna for health buffs like me.  Now, I can indulge in my all-time favorite hotdog without the bulge,” says Aljur.
Just like Aljur, you can now have your hotdog the healthy way with the Hotdog-Sarap, Tuna-Healthy Century Tuna Healthylicious Hotdog.   
Actually, I am initially worried if this product will taste good given that it has never been explored. I'm thinking Aljur might be risking his credibility endorsing it. However, good thing Century Tuna was able to make the product not that far from our traditional hotdog AND now made healthier. 
A closer look at Century Tuna Healthylicious hotdog!
At first glance you wouldn't think that it is made of tuna. It has the same color and dimension as the classic hotdog you love for ages. If I was not aware about the product, I wouldn't have a hint that it is made of tuna.  In terms of taste, I actually like it as you can still taste the richness of tuna. As you indulge and savor the flavor and juicy feeling of the hotdog, you will then taste the healthy tuna twist that remained consistent from the taste of the Century Tuna we loved. As I was tasting the hotdog, I even didn't notice I was already done eating it in less than 10 seconds. I think that alone proved that it tastes good. You might think I'm saying this as I was invited on the event but personally I liked the taste of this product, especially knowing it is a healthier choice for me. Net, RECOMMENDED!

Aljur with the new Healthylicious hotdog
I think given that people nowadays are becoming more health conscious, this product will surely change the way we have our breakfast. Now, you can eat hotdog without worrying too much since it is tuna plus it still contain the health benefits like Omega 3, which is good for the body. I hope in the future they would even release Jumbo version or footlong version as the regular sized hotdog is not enough once you tasted it. 

I am so amazed how Century Tuna came up with this idea and its really a very novel concept that it's competitors were left behind. Great job for Century Tuna for having this product! No wonder Aljur endorsed it!

What are you waiting for? Hurry go to your nearest supermarket or groceries and try this product. 

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