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Image courtesy of NuffnangPH site
At the moment I saw the blog post from Nuffnang regarding an event "Lifting" soon, I am already excited what's in store for all Nuffnangers very soon. Then finally they released the mechanics last Thursday about this event and we have to answer why we love Nuffnang in order to be part of the Nuffamily Day happening on May 28.
Image courtesy of NuffnangPH site
Why do I love Nuffnang? Let me count the ways via Acrostics:

  • New Hobby and Friends - I must say that Nuffnang had been one of the main contributor why I started blogging. I noticed that all of the blogs that I follow are members of Nuffnang and I became interested how to be part of it. In turn, it helped me to attend on events and also gain a new set of friends. I wouldn't think I would still be blogging until now without Nuffnang's help. I really value how they helped me especially when I was still starting how to meet people in the industry and at the same time provide venue to attend events I can blog.
My winning blog post in Nuffnang!
  • Ultimate prizes and events - In blogging, I was honored that I also win on some blogging competitions because of Nuffnang. I was able to win some ultimate prizes and at the same time be featured on their site just like the one below (see this link to view the posting in Nuffnang). If not for Nuffnang, I wasn't able to attend the Hot Camp event last year, which with my strong teammates we were able to compete at Boracay all-expense paid. There are a lot of other perks that I was able to gain because of Nuffnang. 
  • Family - I do commend Nuffnang in promoting not only activities but also "family" related activities. That's why I'm so excited to be part of their Nuffamily Day as well so I can bring my family and also at the same time meet the family of my co-bloggers as well. 
  • Financial help - As we all know that Nuffnang is a blog advertising community. Thus, I also admire that with Nuffnang I could earn additional money. I haven't earner that much but at least with Nuffnang I have hope to get something in the future if my fan base increased. 
  • Neat analytics - For new bloggers, Nuffnang already provide some basic tools like analytics to help improve your blog ranking/readers. I really like the neat analytics from Nuffnang giving you the relevant details that one would really need to improve blogging to fit to the right audience as well. 
  • Ads galore - With the help of Nuffnang, I do get ads from the relevant brands for your blog. Most of these are really the products/company I love. I'm happy every time they place a new ad on my blog. Not only for financial reasons, but more importantly I also get to know and endorse from my blog some of the products I love. 
  • Newsletter/ timely updates - I do appreciate that Nuffnang provides to its members some newsletter or email updates. As for a non-full time blogger like me, I might not see all the updates from the site and having that updates sent on my emails enable me to see fresh updates that I can check or blog. Good thing they really have this good communication venue to its members. 
  • Great customer service/staff - I do not know the Nuffnang staff personally but I am very satisfied with their great customer service. I highly value the help of Rendhl, Trixie and Judd from Nuffnang with all my inquiries and problems. They are very approachable with my concerns and make you feel being valued as well, even if you are a new blogger. 
There are more reasons why I love but generally I'm really thankful to Nuffnang's great help on my blogging. It all started as a simple hobby but now it turned into something bigger. I really value its help especially when I was just starting. 

I really do hope to be part of the Nuffamily day this coming Saturday. I know my dad, mom and sister would also like to be with me on this event. This is one of the few events that I can bring them on my blogging event and I really want them to be there. If ever, I would also love to bring my aunt and cousin who is living with us as they are important family members that I want to be with on this event.  I know they would love to see lanterns up on the sky. I think it would be great riding the NuffBus to meet more bloggers and their family as well.

Image courtesy of NuffnangPH site
Before I forget, I would like to thanks in advance the sponsors of this event namely Pizza hut, Bisolvon, The Picasso, Neo, Mister Donut, Skechers, Jollibee, Del Monte, Jac Liner and Jack n' Jill for supporting this kind of event. I really do hope and pray to be included on this event and share my experience on it. Please do include me...please. :)

I would really be happy to be included here...

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