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One of the best animated film that has been released within the past few years is UP. At the first time I saw the trailer of it, I was already excited to watch the movie. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch it in cinema due to conflicts and business trip. Good thing I was able to watch it in DVD and was really happy about the movie.

Some of my friends actually do not like that much the film as I do but there's something in it that I can relate. They thought I might have a distant relationship with my father just like what the kid in the movie but for me there is something really special with it. I was browsing my Facebook live feed when I saw a video posted by a friend about some excerpts from the movie Up. I then realized why I loved the movie so much.

I then realized that the movie reminds me of something special in my life...my grandparents. I can see from that video excerpt a glimpse of my lolo and lola's life before. I can then imagine how they started their family and just lived a simple life with high hopes of reaching their dreams. I grew up seeing my lolo and lola always together like twins that could not be separated. There is also an excerpt from the video how Carl and Ellie's first born death. I then remember that the first child of lolo and lola also didn't make it. Good thing though my lolo and lola was able to pass the situation and still build a family with 8 children. My lolo and lola stick with each other until the end which I truly admire from them. One of the scene on this video that I can relate is when Ellie started getting sick and he could not join Carl on for a flight. I now that one my lola's wish before was to go back in the Philippines but could not make it due to her medical condition. I know it must be pretty hard for both of them but we always kept telling her that time will come she will be able to travel back. I can still remember posting on my Facebook wall that I was in tears after watching that video as I truly miss them both. However, I know that they have now found their own house at the top of the mountain, just like what Carl and Ellie have been dreaming of, in heaven looking after us. :) The movie UP might seem a simple story but it will be forever be special for me.

Today, marks the anniversary when my Lola joined our Father in heaven. Time runs fast as if it was just a few weeks back. We will never forget all the great memories of Lola Rosenda. Whenever tatay talks about good cuisine, he always compared it with lola's culinary creations. She is truly one of a kind. By the way, Advance Mother's Day as well Lola Rosenda!

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