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All 24 Event held at Eastwood last May 14-15

Before I can only associate the number 24 to Kiefer Sutherland's thriller-drama series that features hour by hour episode in the life of Jack Bauer. However, last May 14-15, 2011 an event was able to add a new meaning of number 24 to me...the adidas ALL24 event!

adidas aficionados came and conquered for a full 24-hour long summer shindig at the adidas ALL24 held last May 14-15 at the Eastwood grounds. It was definitely a weekend of passion as thousands of people from the adidas community showed their love for the iconic three-stripes. From the talented youth to professional athletes, to A-list celebrities and world-class artistes - all these people unified to celebrate their passion and their love of the game.
Young boys showing some creative graffittis
*Image courtesy of adidas Philippines
Whether its sport, street, or style – adidas ALL24 has been organized as a platform that encourages the youth to go all in. Encompassing many different categories from basketball, football, running, to skateboarding, graffiti, dance, music, and fashion, the event proudly shows the diversity and distinctive presence across different sports, cultures and lifestyles that only adidas can bring

Norman Shay showing the right moves in dancing!
I was fortunate to be invited on this event and witness as they started the one of the first round-the-clock event in the metro. Eastwood looked really different as the night unfolds the energy starts to kick-in as well. Many adidas enthusiasts head their way at Eastwood to witness the start of the event. As posted previously on blog (link), the event promised a series of fun and exciting activities for one to enjoy. For sure, there's one activity that fit the passion of the participants of the event.

The event started last May 14 with a bang as the world-renowned choreographer of Madonna named Norman Shay flew in and shared his break dancing moves. The energy throughout the event was never-ending as the youth went all in on the various activities. It was an experience of a lifetime as the hopeful participants battled it out. B-boy contenders showed their stunts and fancy footwork and endured their face-offs. It was like a battle royale from the best and young B-Boys as they compete with each other until they will be able to beat 5 of their fellow contenders. It was an exciting event as judged from adidas Philippines, members of Philippine All Stars, world-class choreographer Norman Shay and celebrity dance floor heart throb, Rayver Cruz. (See some photos on the slide).
B-Boy showing the judges some authentic moves!
Aside from the B-boys, graffiti artists earned some street cred as they created their colourful adidas masterpieces. Runners had their adrenaline pumping as they ran the Eastwood relay race, where I have seen that Amazing Race Asia 4 Champion, Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera, joined as well. Futsal players scored some points as they made their goals. And ballers demonstrated mad skills as they were doing their hoops and dunks. Round the clock, A-list celebrities, top athletes, bonafide artistes, and famous dance crews, and the movers and shakers of the fashion industry showcased their love and support for adidas.
Richard Hardin showing a 24 sign
*Image courtesy of adidas Philippines
The winners are the ff: BBoy Ranz, the Ballers Republic basketball team, the South Elite futsal team, the Tracksters running team, skater Marvin Basinal, the XXX graffiti team, the Unschooled dance team, and fashion designer Danica Rio Navarro. there are a lot celebrities who graced the event during to end the event like Kim Chiu, Maja Salvador, and many more.
South Elite Futsal team
*Image courtesy of adidas Philippines
Skate boarding participants
*Image courtesy of adidas Philippines
Boys totally focused on making those hoops
*Image courtesy of adidas Philippines
With the success of this event, I am pretty sure this will not be the last ALL24 event. I hope next year I can also join some of the sports and enjoy all the activities 24 hours long. It's really one of a kind activity once again from my favorite sports brand, Adidas! Congrats to adidas Philippines for a job-well done on this activity.
Former MTV VJ Joe attended the event
*Image courtesy of adidas Philippines
Dance crew showing their moves in unison
*Image courtesy of adidas Philippines
Unschooled Dance team wining the top spot
*Image courtesy of adidas Philippines
Danica Rio Navarro with her model as they accept the award as fashion champion
*Image courtesy of adidas Philippines
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