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FOOD Kitchen Series started last Saturday
Last Saturday (June 18), several food enthusiasts and at the same time readers, followers and guests of FOOD Magazine head their way to Enderun to attend their first batch of Food Kitchen Series. I was privilege as well to be be able to register and attend this event and was really excited to be part of it since cooking is also my passion and I'm a chef-wannabe in the future. I took this opportunity and block off my schedule for Saturday the moment I knew I was invited since I know that the event will happen at a great school, Enderun.
New FOOD Magazine's Editor-in-Chief welcomes the attendees of the event
During the day itself, I was surprised with the activities prepared by FOOD Magazine to its participants plus the great food we can munch as we wait for the program to start (free light breakfast). I was amazed as I enter the classroom because it was really amazing. I never knew that we have such classrooms in the country for those who love culinary arts. The kitchen was a haven for any student chef and who wouldn't enjoy having classes in such venue with all the high-tech and state of the art pieces of cooking equipment readily available. How I wish I could have such kitchen at home to prepare great meals as well.
The morning activity start with a lecture from a renowned chef, Chef Martin Punzalan, who recently finizhed a staglaire at Alain Ducasse Formation in France. Chef Martin showed us how to make some Cold Red Mullets and Tangy Mint Eggplant. I never knew that such dish takes a lot of effort, where even the fish soup would need a lot of time and resources. I enjoyed Chef Martin's lecture as he also provides great tips and even terminologies on cooking. After he create the 2 dish, representatives from Fly Ace Corporation, makers of Jolly Canola Oil and Good Life products, discuss their line of products. Chef Martin also showed us a recipe where we can use Jolly and Good Life products to come up with a healthy and "jolly" meal such as Spring Rolls with Sesame Sweet Chili Sauce. At the end of the morning session, we are so delighted as we are treated with sampler meal of the 3 dishes taught to us. I really love the red mullets since it is so simple yet you can taste from it the sophistication of the flavors. The tangy mint eggplant is also great way to eat your eggplant from the usual torta. The tangy mint eggplant really holds true to its name providing a different twist that you will surely love. The spring rolls was also great especially with vermicelli noodles inside to provide a new texture to your ordinary spring rolls. Here are some pictures of the 3 dishes:

Cold Red Mullets
Tangy Mint Eggplant
Spring Rolls with Sesame Sweet Chili Sauce
Food Tasting time of the 3 dishes!
After the sumptuous sampler dishes, guests were treated with a free lunch. I thought they will just gave free packed lunch for us but no it was a first-class lunch at Restaurant 101. Restaurant 101 is located at Enderun itself and I think this is where culinary students gets to practice what they learned. The guest were not just given a single meal but a 3-course meal ala 5-star hotel style. All the 3 meals were absolutely great (yummy!). 
Salmon for our first dish during lunch at Restaurant 101
Chicken with baked potatoes and bell pepper for main dish
Chocolate with edible gold foil for dessert!
Simple (yet delicious) dessert  - mamon + cream + WIlderness berries!
After the delicious lunch, there were even nice dessert from Jolly Foods (Wilderness) awaits outside our classroom. The dessert was really tempting with delicious berries on top. I was surprised that it was easily be done by just having some slices of mamon, cream and Wilderness canned berries. You can prepare this simple snack and everyone would think it was expensive or bought from a high-end pastry store.

During the afternoon, another great chef awaits us to share his expertise on making desserts. Chef Andreas Gillar was known as the pastry chef of The Peninsula Manila before joining Enderun, which really proves his caliber as pastry chef. Chef Andreas taught us how to make a "Red Fruit Dacquioise Tarte with Fromage Blanc-Lime Chantilly". I never knew dessert was such complicated that it you need to create first a dacquoise, then the confit and then the fromage and lastly garnish it. The dessert was equally great as the morning dishes prepared by Chef Martin and it will surely be loved by fruit lovers as it contains a lot of fruit. You might just find it unusual that this dessert contains pepper (szechuan) on it dacquiose but still it is good tasting.
Chef Andreas as he explain the dessert he will show us
Red Fruit Dacquioise Tarte with Fromage Blanc-Lime Chantilly
This FOOD Magazine's Food Kitchen Series was a big SUCCESS. I would like to congratulate FOOD Magazine for coming up with such activity for all their avid fans and followers. I really want to attend their next week class in case it won't be similar. I know a lot of you are excited to join as well. If you are interested to join this week's class, here are some simple steps you should follow:
FOOD Kitchen Series for June 25
  1. Interested participants should email the following details to foodmagtour@gmail.com:
    • Complete Name
    • Home Address
    • Age
    • Cellphone number
    • Occupation
  2. Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis due to limited slots in the workshop.
  3. A notification to your email address will be sent regarding the status of your registration.
  4. You may not register for another family member, friend or colleague.
  5. Bring the current issue of FOOD Magazine to the workshop
It's really simple and I can assure you will really enjoy the entire activity plus the venue is really great with Enderun! Congrats once again FOOD Magazine and hope more similar activities soon. :D 
FOOD Magazine June cover
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