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Image courtesy of SM Cinema Facebook fan page
I was invited, courtesy of Mr. Carlo Ople, to attend a special blogger's screening of the Kasambuhay Habambuhay short film anthology. I was able to see their advertisements shown on TV and was quite curious what are these different short film about. I initially thought that it is a just a new form of brand marketing from Nestle and might just focus on their products and not the quality of the film. I was very happy to be invited on the screening so at least I can already know in advance if the films are really worthy to watch, even if they are for free. Here are some pictures during the event:

Mr. Ricky Baizas, Digital Marketing Executive, and Ms. Sandra Puno, Director for Communications, greeted all the bloggers during the event. They even mentioned that we are just the 2 group of people who can see the short film aside from their employees. The first batch was during the Gala show with celebrity endorsers. I was not really expecting a lot from the movie but things changed as the film start rolling.

The 10 short films are of different genre that anyone can enjoy. Net, one could related to at least one film during the anthology...in short like my blog it is "kahit ano ito". As I was reading the show catalogue, I was amazed that the film were directed by top caliber directors including one of my favorite Raul Jorolan, who directed the last Filipino film (The Red Shoes) I like. All of the film have been carefully planned and crafted just like a full-length film. I love the great cinematography from all the films shown but most especially the story of it. One will never thought that these films were just created for the centennial celebration of a company because of its great quality.

All of the films were great but if I have to pick 3 films, here are my top choices:

Tingala Sa Baba
  • Tingala Sa Baba (by Henry Frejas) - I like this short film because of its simplicity and yet meaningful story. The plot was so simple and very natural but within it I can already see the different aspect it would like to tell its audience about equality and at the same time irony of life. The narration is very good and you can feel that it is something that you can relate. The kids on the film was also good in portraying the characters as if you are in the playground just watching them. The movie is a 5/5 stars for me! Highly recommended.
  • Silup (by Jun Reyes) - I like the intense suspense-drama attack of this short film. It will keep you thinking and guessing until the very end. Good acting from awarded actor Sid Lucero on this short film. For me the movie has a lot of meaning as well and for the twist at the end had my vote on it.
The Howl and the The Fussyket
  • The Howl & The Fussyket (by Chris Martinez) - This is the first film that you will watch during the screening and it was a good choice to start the short film anthology. The plot is simple but I chose this movie because of its great humor, courtesy of Eugene Domingo, and screenplay. I also picked this because I can relate with Aaron's character of never-say-never attitude amidst facing the same defeat at a declamation contest. It's a good movie that the entire family can enjoy!
Here are the other films that you will be watching:
Isang Tasang Pangarap
Sali Salita
Oh! Pa Ra Sa Ta U Wa Yeah!
Cooking Mo, Cooking Ko
Sign Seeker
(Featuring John Lloyd Cruz)
I really enjoyed watching all the ten films that I didn't noticed how time flies. Kudos to all the directors and staff who worked all these 10 movies because of the great quality of these films. Over-all, I like all these films because it was able to depict the lives of every Filipino and capture/translate it on a short film for us to enjoy. I even heard that these films will be exhibited at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival in France, which is something we can be proud of.

I suggest you watch these movies over the weekend at SM Cinema for FREE and you might be able to win prizes for watching it as well. Here are the mechanics and venue where you can watch the movie (as posted in SM Cinema Facebook account):
Free Movie Weekend Mechanics
The Kasambuhay Habambuhay Short Film Anthology will be shown for FREE for 2 whole days on June 11 & 12 in 5 SM Cinemas: SM Megamall Cinema 3, SM Southmall Cinema 6, SM Rosales Cinema 1, SM Cebu Cinema 7 & SM Davao Cinema 1.
Every screening will feature ten short films; each 10 minutes long. Viewers will vote for their favorite among the 10 films.
Mechanics:Choose preferred venue/screening time.Get the ticket and raffle stub from the secretariat in front of the designated cinema.
After watching the films, fill out the raffle stub with your contact info and vote for your favorite short film (choose one film only).Drop your raffle stub at the drop box located in front of the designated cinema.
After the last screening on June 12, the votes will be counted by the organizers of the Free Movie Weekend to find out which film has the most votes per cinema.1 winner will be drawn from the film with the most votes.Only one viewer will win per cinema. The winner will receive P10,000 cash tax free.
Don't forget to watch this film screening. Imagine you are watching quality short films for FREE! :)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    bakit po wala sa bacolod? :(

  2. Yeah. I heard same sentiments from other people who wants to watch the short films. Hopefully the company will be able to have special screening on your place as well.

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