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Image courtesy of Ronald Martinez in Getty Images
Game 1 of the much anticipated NBA Finals already started today. I bet a lot of Filipino basketball fans are glued on their television set as it is being aired earlier. NBA website might be flooded by people who cannot be able to watch it on TV as well to get the latest update about the duel between Heat and Mavs.

American Airlines Arena was turned into a flood of fans wearing white shirt to support the first fight of their team. Fans are really excited how this will turn given that usually the team who takes Game 1 also takes the entire Championship crown. There are a lot of great plays from Miami's warriors that Mavs cannot just take. Although there are efforts from Nowitzki, Kidd and Terry, it is just not really enough to stop the superpower combo from Miami. The crowd are throwing towels as the game nears to an end and everyone rejoiced after the final bell rang and registering final numbers at 92-84.

These are not the 3 lucky winning numbers in the lottery but they are for sure the lucky stars of Heat in Game 1. The Big 3 of Miami namely Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James give their all to ensure a clean victory of Heat for Game 1. There has been effective plays from these players that really proved why they are called Big 3. At the final quarter, there has been close gap on scores but like a Diesel engine they started to heat-up as the clock starts to reach the end. They also used great defense during the game which really forced Mavs to throw away some hurried shots.

Lucky 5
Miami Heat has taken an amazing journey at this year's play-off. If you haven't noticed they took their matches in the play-off all in 5 games from Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls. They already took Game 1 but will they take the Finals at Game 5 as well or will they go for a sweep? I know a lot of Dallas fans might think the other way and say that it will be Dallas who will take the next 4 games and get the Finals at Game 5. Let's see how the saga continues.

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