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I think you might have read from my previous blog post that one of my favorite activities for years already is on running. I'm glad that my annual running event has organized another running event for running enthusiasts like me. It has been quite a long time since the last Infinity Run and since I knew they have another one, I asked my dad to registered already for this event.
Finish line during the event
I planned to run for 10K but since there was a gap from my last long run, I decided to run a short distance for this run. Actually, I decided to run for 5K since I first run this event I always run this distance. I also compare my performance every year and whether I improved. My last run for this event (Infinity Run Time Trials) was one of the best since I was able to have it in roughly 30 minutes if my memory serves me right.
5K check-in spot!
Last June 11, 2011, it was just 5am but BGC is full of runners already prepared to run their specific distances. Runners are warming up and some are having their photographs taken before the actual event. Good thing the organizers started the event on-time as all of them are really excited to push themselves to the limit. My dad and I decided to started to start slow as we are not really gunning for the top prize but we just want to enjoy the running event.
21K runners finishing the last 5-10 meters
The race was good but I noticed that there are few staff that guide the runners as compared to my other previous run. There are 3 water station for 5k but I hope there were more or at least the first water station was positioned earlier as some of the runners are crossing the other side of the lane just to get some water from the last water station. It will also be great if there are cheering bands to help pump up the spirit of the runners trailing the 5k course. It will also be great if next year there will be more stalls that runners can visit after the event.
21K runners tired but still running towards the end
On the other hand, I must praise Mizuno for having a great singlet this year. It was an original Mizuno and the design is really great. They also limited the number of participants so it can really be handled well. There were sufficient bananas and water/sports drink at the end of the race to hydrate the runners. Aside from that, I must also commend their friendly staff all the way from registration until the event day itself. They are very accommodating and approachable for concerns or queries that I have about the event. My over-all rating for this run is 3-shoes.
My official time is 41:34 but I remember crossing at 40:21 (too bad  my name is not registered on the list)

kahitanoito after finishing his 5k run!
I can still remember my first run was with Mizuno Run when running was still not a craze yet in the metro. When I ran my first run I even used just a plain rubber shoes and not a running shoes. Given I have a 10% discount as part of joining my first run, I then grabbed the opportunity to buy one from their store. It serve me well for 3 years already however I noticed that after this run my feet sore. I felt the pain for 2 days but it was really painful. I think it does not fit me well anymore or my feet are not that arched anymore. I'm now looking at a new shoes s to wear next running event that I will join (Robinsons Run).
Image courtesy of On-Running Facebook page

A blogger friend of mine mentioned that a new running shoes, On-Running, will be launched soon. I hoped that I can be able to try it out and send my review after running with it. I am actually curious with its ad or promise to "Run on Clouds". I'm so excited to run with it and hope it can fit my 8.5 feet well. Hopefully, it can really pass my standards as compared to all the running shoes out in the market today. Will On-Running shoes be able to compete with all the other shoes that runners already used? 
Image courtesy of www.gizmag.com
I read some articles from the net about On-Running and it has great features that really makes me excited to test it. As stated on the article, it is a shoe that will enable the runner to land as soft as if running on sand, and to push off as if running in track shoes. It also have a unique rubber ring into the sole design to provide a soft landing, while offering firmness and stability on push off. I'm a accident-prone athlete so having such features will really be good for my running. I hope it can really have great features and improved my PR for my next race.  I'll let you know if I will be able to review this shoe and my experience with it. If you're interested to know more about On-Running shoes, you can visit their website at http://www.on-running.com/

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