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Sometimes it's really hard to change...but if it's for the better, then who wouldn't want to grab it. Same thing happened to me on my adventure as the blogger of kahitanoito with PLDT myDSL...from nothing to EVERYTHING and ANYTHING under the sun.
Image courtesy of Nuffnang PH
I can still remember the days when I still use internet modem to connect to the internet. The sound of modem connecting to the internet still rings to my head and it was a joy that after a minute or so of authenticating your password, you can be connected to 50 kbps of internet speed. I used to buy prepaid internet cards at stores and look for the ISP with best speed so I wouldn't be having hard time to connect. In was during these ages, I begin my my passion on blogging and created my first ever-blog (Simple Alias)!
Sample of old prepaid internet cards I used to purchase just to connect to the net
*Image courtesy of sulit.com.ph
My first blog was just really like a personal diary and all was just plain text. It wasn't hardly updated and I was not motivated since blogging that time was not at its boom, where you have communities that share same interests. I even hard time updating it because of problematic internet connection with my ISP plus its sssllllooowww connection speed that even searching Google takes minute to take and even my blog page takes minutes to load. Aside from that, it is time based connection so sometimes I get disconnected at the middle of my blog post, ending up not having that entry being posted. I then lose my passion with blogging as I believe it is not sustainable and nobody cares what I'm posting...it's just NOTHING to them. That marks the natural death of my first blog. :(

Good thing gone are those days and PLDT myDSL came to the picture and brought us the fast internet connection Filipinos deserve. I was honestly very happy when PLDT myDSLwas installed at our home. I was amazed how fast I can surf the net and even download mp3 and watch videos at the internet. Moreover, my passion for gadgets, technology and more importantly was revived with it. I was happy that at home I was able to browse my favorite websites and even emerging blogs of my interests. Internet generation was born and all of a sudden the boom on social media and blogging community was also rising rapidly. I was happy how people grew interest on blogging and the influence of bloggers to other people. I then realized that I should go back to my hobby on blogging...so I started again with my blog kahitanoito - a blog about everything and anything under the sun!
kahitanoito splash page
The fast connection speed of my PLDT myDSL helped me in my blogging career. It was able to help me get the information at once. I also enjoy the fact that I can connect to the internet anytime of the day without worrying how much I am connected to the internet since it's really "Internet to Sawa" with having PLDT myDSL. Aside from that, I was able to bring life on my blog as I was able to upload and embed images and videos on my blog. This helps provide more perspective to my readers about my blog post and at the same time enhance as well my passion on photography. I think most bloggers agree that it is really essential to have great internet speed to create quality blog post and add rich media content to take it to the next level! I was amazed that now a lot of people have been reading my blog which help to influence the people from all walks of life who have read my experience from my blog. Aside from my personal transformation as a blogger, I am happy that I was able to transform the lives of others, which even I have not met before.
kahitanoito official logo
Aside from fast internet speed, I was happy as well that these days we have blogging community and advertising community courtesy of Nuffnang PH that provides not only financial opportunity for bloggers but also events that can help gain network from all the bloggers around the country. As stated on my previous blog posts, it was really Nuffnang PH who has been one of the factors why I still blog until now. I really appreciate all the help and events they offer for me. I do hope they would also consider me as Glitterati+ member (soon) as their loyal blogger for years now but at least I'm not an ordinary blogger anymore but I'm a certified Nuffnanger!

I can really say that PLDT myDSL Internet has TRANSFORMED my Internet experience as a blogger from nothing (no blog at all) to everything and anything under the sun (birth of kahitanoito.blogspot.com). These are the "transformation" I truly like!

Great news as well to all PLDT myDSL Plan 3000 subscribers as starting June you can enjoy FREE and UNLIMITED speed boost of up to 5MBPS. It doesn't stop there as you will also get Watchpad with even more exclusive content plus one (1) year of FREE PLDT to PLDT NDD calls. Now you cannot just chat with your friends all over the country, you can even call them absolutely FREE!

What are you still waiting for? Visit www.myworldmydsl.com for more information or call 171 to confirm your subscripstion today!

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