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Posted by kahitanoito - - 2 comments

Chicken All You Can promo starts today (June 10, 2011 at 6PM)
I know a lot of you might be preparing for this year's Max's Chicken All You Can 2011 as posted on my previous blog post, which will start in about 3 hours from now. For sure there will be long queue on all Max's store nationwide due to this promo. I then think of some tips and tricks for you to Maximize the promo:

  1. Be Early - In order to avoid the long queue, I suggest you go there even an hour before the promo starts since the table reservation is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Since you are early, you can start with light appetizer, which you can share with your colleagues and friends while waiting for the clock to strike 6PM.
  2. Look for the best branch - As per my tip #1,  there will be long line during this sale period. In order to avoid the long line, I suggest you go to a branch that is not located within the mall since most probably there will be more people in that area.
  3. Don't over drink - Usual mistake for people is that they drink a lot of liquids, which in turn makes them full already. Your Php 199 Chicken All You Can promo includes a drink which you consume all throughout. Try to limit yourself on this 1 drink for you to get more food then maybe once you're full you can go for bottomless drink. :)
  4. Order other food - Since it's all chicken, you might get bored upon eating 2-3 quarters of chicken. I suggest especially if you are with a group to order another food so you can further enjoy your meal. I think it would help if you can have a soup to also help minimize the oil from all the chicken you consumed.
  5. Go for 200 - Since this year they are offering 20 pesos money coupon for every purchase of 200 pesos. That's almost a 10% rebate for your food, which you can collect. After 10 coupons, you can have a free chicken all you can meal!
  6. Bring your family and friends - There's no better way to enjoy a meal that with the closest family and friends around you. It's good to have dinner with good food around and you having good conversation as well. The discussion in between will also help pace yourself with all the chicken you can eat.
  7. Enjoy - I think at the end of the night, the thing that Max's want is for their customers to enjoy the food. A lot of people have been waiting for this promo and hopefully you will enjoy it.
Hope you like my suggestion and have a good dinner later. 

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a nice set of tip. Although I find your tip #2 quite contradicting.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I already edited to clarify it. :)

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