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Zespri Kiwifruit from NZ!
In the Philippines, when we hear the word Kiwi, we associate it more with a brand of shoe polisher/wax since it is not common for our topography to grow kiwi fruits. Most also think that kiwi can only be bought by the rich people since it is usually harvested abroad, to be exact in New Zealand - home to the world's best kiwifruits. Good thing, simple Juan Dela Cruz do not need to travel approximately 10 hours (as calculated from travelmath.com) just to taste this delicious, succulent and high quality kiwifruit. Zespri, makers of the best kiwifruits from New Zealand, has officially declared that the kiwi season is now on in Manila!

Now kiwi can easily be found at our favorite supermarkets and groceries as declared during the launch of Zespri kiwifruit last May 24 at Cerveseria, Greenbelt 3, Makati. The event was hosted by Patricia Bermudez-Hizon, which is known as well as the wife of former basketball star Vince Hizon. Vince is also present during the said event. Zespri managers discussed about their product and also their plans to grow kiwi business in the market. We were informed that Zespri Kiwifruit comes from Mount Maunganui, which is the heart of New Zealand's kiwifruit industry. Here's a statement from Steve Bunyan from Zespri: 
Patricia Bermudez-Hizon with Zespri management
“We’re excited to bring the delicious and nutritious kiwifruit experience to Filipinos.  We encourage everyone to enjoy Zespri kiwifruit anytime, anywhere as it is naturally fresh, full of flavor, safe and good for everyone’s health,” says Steve Bunyan, Zespri regional market development manager for Southeast Asia and South Asia.  Bunyan adds that Zespri offers an innovative range of premium kiwifruit products: Zespri Gold and Zespri Green, to cater to any person’s taste preference. 
Gold or Green?
Zespri Gold and Green with its unique spife = spoon + knife
I initially thought that kiwi just comes in one color, which is green. I never knew that there is also a gold variety of it. For a sweet, uniquely tropical taste with a silky and very juicy texture, pick Zespri Gold.  This kiwifruit has a smooth, hairless skin that is bronze in color, a golden flesh interior and a white core with black seeds.  Zespri Green kiwifruit has a small white core and black seeds that burst with a tangy, sweet sour combination of refreshing flavors, leaving your mouth feeling clean. Here's a table to show more about the difference between the two variety:
Information courtesy of Zespri
Kiwi is Power!
One of the main reasons why people eat fruit is because of its nutritional benefits. One would think that this small fruit do not contain much healthy benefits but actually it contains more. Here's more information the benefits we can have from eating kiwi:
Zespri Kiwifruit is packed with health-giving
vitamins and minerals
*Image courtesy of Zespri
But more than their delicious and refreshing taste, Zespri kiwifruit is a nutrition powerhouse, offering more vitamins and minerals per gram and per calorie than other fruits.  When it comes to vitamin C, kiwifruits outshine oranges as these contain twice as much vitamin C, which is very effective in modulating the immune system.  In addition to this, kiwifruits are also loaded with folic acid to prevent neural defects in babies and potassium, which is beneficial in maintaining blood pressure and a healthy heart. For those waging a war on aging, kiwifruit is your best ally as it is naturally high in vitamin E and antioxidants like polyphenols, carotenoids and other potentially beneficial phytochemicals that fight damages caused by free radicals and oxidative stress.  Kiwifruits also contain carotenoid lutein, which helps prevent age-related eyesight deterioration.
I was very glad that one of my fave fruit is already available in the metro. I can only taste it before during in-flight meals or on rare instances it is suddenly available in the groceries due to holiday season. I learned a lot from the launch about the fruit and hopefully more Filipinos will start to enjoy this new fruit in town. I was able to visit the supermarket yesterday and I was able to see that Zespri Green is available selling at Php 40 a piece. Hope you have a "spife" (I think it is the term for the spoon and knife in one just like spoon) that was given to us so you can easily eat your kiwi anytime of the day.
Zespri Kiwifruit is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Elite Marketing.
Fresh Studio Innovations, Asia is the exclusive marketing arm of Zespri Kiwifruit in the Philippines
*Image courtesy of Zespri
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