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Image courtesy of nokiatune.audiodraft.com

Who would ever forget the classic Nokia ring tone? I think most of us Filipinos are very familiar to this tone as this is the usual sound we hear as we commute or eat around the metro. This has been a commercial sound to our ears and as the mobile phones level-up the tone also improved its quality. See the evolution of Nokia tune on this video courtesy of NokiaConversations Youtube account:

Fun Fact: TheNokia Tune originates from the composition ‘Grand Vals’ by Spaniard Francisco Tárrega(1852-1909) and was first introduced as a ringtone in 1994 with the Nokia 2100series. Since its inception, the Nokia Tune has become one of the world’s mostfrequently played pieces of music and has been the default melody in hundredsof millions of Nokia handsets. The Nokia Tune is estimated to be heard over onebillion times a day.
If you think you can further improve and come up with a fresh version of the iconic Nokia ringtone then you must read further this great news. Nokia,togetherwith AudioDraft, world experts in crowdsourcingaudio creation,are looking for a tune that is fresh, expressive, original andcreative, yet distinctively Nokia. Entrants are encouraged toexperiment with both old and new Nokia Tunes and can also create their ownmusical parts, sounds and arrangements.Thetune should be a maximum of 30 seconds in length and the deadline forsubmission is October 2, 2011. Entries can be heard,voted on and submitted at http://nokiatune.audiodraft.com.

The five most voted or 'liked' entries will qualify as finalists. A further five finalists will be selected by the jury who will then ultimately select onewinning entry from the ten finalists.The jury comprises some ofthe most respected names in the audio branding industry including: Kai Bronner,one of the founders of Audio Branding Academy; Julian Treasure, known for hisTED talks and author of ‘Sound Business’; and Mark Dewings, head of Brand & Marketing Communications at SoundCloud. Nokia’s own SVP of Design, MarkoAhtisaari, is also on the seven member jury.

The winning tune will be included in selectmodels within the company’s 2012 product portfolio,an estimated 100 milliondevices. In addition, the winning tune will be made available on Ovi Store and featured in Nokia’s BrandBook. The winner will also be awarded a prize of10,000 USD.

The five runner-ups will have their versions ofthe Nokia Tune available in Ovi Store and will be awarded 1000 USD each.

I'm pretty sure Filipinos have good ears in terms of music and have a good chance of winning this global competition. I hope many could join this and you might know the tone that you create will be the tone that will everyone around the globe hear and make legacy. What are you waiting for? Join now!

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