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 Orange Magazine TV + Astrovision / Astroplus successful Bloggers' Blowout last September 3

While the Food Bloggers make their way at the UTT, you might be wondering why Music, Movies and Gadgets/Tech Bloggers are out last Saturday as well. You cannot blame them as they are headed to Greenbelt 5 for an exclusive event prepared by Astrovision / Astroplus and Orange Magazine TV. For the first time, Orange Magazine TV together with Astrovision / Astroplus hosted a Bloggers' Blowout for some of the known online publishers in the genre of music, movie and tech/gadgets.

Tech Bloggers listening attentively to the hosts
Fortunately, kahitanoito was also included on their list of bloggers to attend the event. I arrived early during the event and the movie bloggers are still listening to the movie releases in DVD from companies like Viva. They are also fortunate enough as they were able to see trailers of the movies in high-definition 3D with the aid of a big screen and 3D glasses from LG. A lot of giveaways were also given to the movie bloggers as program closes for their niche.

Tech bloggers are so excited as they wait for their turn to hear the latest gadgets that they can try during the event. I'm actually guessing what gadgets will be featured and its nice that they featured the latest gadgets that also music and movie enthusiasts will love. I'm engrossed listening to my headphones recently and I'm happy that this event featured a lot about this gadget. Here's a quick preview of the companies/products presented during the event:

A preview of the gadget presented by Pioneer (HDJ-500)
Audio-Technica c/o Philippe Gadgets
A preview of the gadget presented by Audio-Technica (ATH-ESW9)

Beats, Aerial7, Bose c/o Eleksis
Blogger Myke Soon of mixofeverything.blogspot.com trying out Beats by Dr. Dre while covering the event
Blogger Jayson Biadog of jaysonbiadog.blogspot.com trying out the wireless TDK headphone (WR700)
Jays c/o Maclin Electronics, Inc.
Representative from Maclin Electronics Inc. explaining a-Jays Four to bloggers
Wow Videoke
Representative from Wow Videoke literally "wowed" the bloggers with their products

Cyber Clean
Blogger Azrael Colladilla of the famous azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com tried Cyber Clean in removing the dirt from his gadget
I'm so thrilled as I try out some of the units during the event and I'm tempted to buy them all (if only I have enough money). Well, at least I was able to try for a few seconds or minutes. Most of the companies might be focusing on delivering music but each one of them has their own market. Watch-out for my blog post to each of these products and know the difference of each. So keep glued on my FB page and Twitter account as I post them soon!

The hosts during the event + Jeman of Orange Magazine TV! Great job guys!
Aside from the informative presentations from the different companies, tech bloggers also enjoyed as they are treated with great give-aways from sponsors. I was fortunate to win laptop bag courtesy of Pioneer and wall clock courtesy of Astrovision during the raffle. Tech bloggers were also treated with an In-Ear headphones from TDK and another headphones from Wow Videoke. There are also very lucky bloggers like Lloyd LostBoy winning an a-Jays 4, which is especially designed for Apple products like iPhone, iPods and iPads.

All tech bloggers really enjoyed the night with the great food and gadgets and most importantly information to share to our readers. I would like to thank Orange Magazine TV and AstroVision/ Astroplus for organizing a successful event. I also appreciate the hosts during the event including Jeman for making the event entertaining as well. Kudos to the hard work of the organizers and for making 3 events happen in 1 day! Hope to have more events in the coming quarter for us bloggers again.
Successful Bloggers' Blowout last September 3 at Greenbelt 5
As mentioned, please watch-out for a more focused blog posts on the different products and companies that presented during the event! :)

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