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Before I start my series of post on Orange Magazine TV and AstroVision/AstroPlus Blogger's Blowout tech/gadgets features, I would like to share first a product that was shown to us during the event. I think this product is very fitting for tech bloggers who wants their gadgets instantly clean.

I think even non-bloggers can also relate that it is very hard to clean gadgets given their design and miniature components. I must admit I'm facing such problems with cleaning the keyboard and I have to get a paint brush to remove the dirt. Unfortunately, there are still hard to reach areas that brush alone or even the mini-vacuum couldn't suck or remove.

Cyber Clean being sold at your favorite AstroVision and AstroPlus stores
Good thing a product is readily available with the promise to clean your gadgets and tools...Cyber Clean. During the event, they organizers provided a demo on how to use the product. I'm a bit hesitant initially if this product will really work and how is it different from the conventional rag or chamois. Bloggers like Azrael, Orlee and Ruth volunteered to use Cyber Clean and see if it is really working. See some pictures below:
Azrael cleaning hard to reach areas (exterior) of his camera
Hosts and curious bloggers trying to see if the product really works
I personally convinced on the ease of use during the demo. I was impressed that you don't have to rub it around just to remove the dirt. All you have to do is to press Cyber Clean on the surface of your gadget. In a few seconds, all the dirt will be trapped in the material and the germs on the surface will be 99.9% killed! The Cyber Clean material is like a slimy that takes the shape on the spaces within your gadget to remove the dirt even on hard to reach areas.
Patented cleaning action of Cyber Clean = Dust, Dirt & Germs In, Water Out
One careful note though, don't use the product in cleaning the lens of your camera. I think given the components of Cyber Clean it could potentially damage your camera. Net, use this product to clean the exteriors of your camera. :-) You can use this product in cleaning your keyboards, mobile phone, printer, etc. On another note, I have seen from their site that they also have the blue variant which suits for cleaning your cars as well. 

Blogger Azrael looking the dirt trapped on Cyber Clean from his camera
I think this is a good buy as it is sold cheaply in the market with the convenience and effectiveness of the product. If you take good care cleaning the inside of your gadgets (e.g. anti-virus, etc.), I think it is also equally important to take good care in cleaning its outside components as well. 

What are you waiting for? Go to your nearest AstroVision / AstroPlus store to purchase one and have a clean gadget all the time! Thanks Orange Magazine TV and AstroVision/AstroPlus for this introducing this product to us!

Here are some other pictures during the event while featuring this product during the event:

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