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Yellow Cab Pizza Co.!
I'm always wondering why Yellow Cab have that shiny pizzas on their store. I think most of us may observe this whenever we order our favorite NY Classic or Four Seasons. I always thought that Yellow Cab might be adding more olive oil on their pizza to make those.

Some of the secret ingredients of Yellow Cab! Fonterra products
I'm actually surprised as the invited chef from Fonterra Food Services during the Yellow Cab event told us that it was actually because they are using fresh and natural cheese. When natural cheese are heated the oil will be released from the cheese giving the pizza its natural shine. This is also a way for you to determine if the pizza that you eat is made from natural cheese and not just processed cheese.
Chef Ryan and Pauline from Fonterra answer some queries of bloggers during the event
Chef Ryan and Pauline together with representatives told the bloggers that what makes Yellow Cab different from other Pizza stores around the metro is their choice of fresh and natural ingredients. They event mentioned that they are using Fonterra products for most of the food that they offer even to the dips of your all-time favorite chicken wings is proudly from Fonterra. Now, you know what makes Yellow Cab a truly delicious pizza after all. Secret: Natural Ingredients!
Sample of natural cheese used by Yellow Cab!
Invited bloggers really proved that natural and fresh ingredients really makes good food. We tasted almost all their products from their famous NY Classic (Php 320-Php 770), Four Seasons pizza (Php 380 - Php 820), Barbeque Chicken Pizza (Php 350 - Php 790), Dear Darla Pizza (Php 310 - Php 640), Hot Wings (Php 220 / 4pcs), Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta (Php 250) and Chicken Alfredo Pasta (Php 230). See more photos below or at my Facebook blog fan page album:

I must admit that I have never tasted before their Dear Darla Pizza and Chicken Alfredo Pasta but it was really good. I love the texture and taste of arugula & alfala sprouts mixed with the rolled pizza. It's a new experience for me. On the other hand, I'm really surprised how tasty the Chicken Alfredo Pasta that they served. I'm not a white sauce lover when it comes to pasta but I was impressed with the taste of their Alfredo. I recommend this pasta whenever you dine at Yellow Cab. One good pizza that I tried is their Barbeque Chicken pizza! Must try as well for those who want a sweet & spicy taste to their pizza.
Dear Darla rolled using my bare hands!
Another great pizza - Chicken Barbeque pizza!
Aside from the information shared by the reputable chefs, we were also given the opportunity to see how Yellow Cab pasta are made. All are really measured to ensure consistency of the products delivered to every customer's table and the ingredients are fresh. I also confirmed here that no additional olive oil is added to come up with that shiny pizza but all is really a product of pure freshness of ingredients. After the demo, we were also given the chance by Yellow Cab to create our own pizza! Yum!
This is just the second layer of cheese put on Yellow Cab pizza!
My own personal pizza!
I know you are now craving for one after reading this post. As an added treat from Yellow Cab, you can avail of their on-going promo to celebrate their 10th year anniversary. They are giving FREE 10" NY Classic Pizza when you buy any 18" Pizza every 10th day of the month. Be sure to mark this down already on your calendars!
Yellow Cab 10th Anniversary Promo! Mark your calendars now!
What's then the equation of a Great Pizza? Yellow Cab + Fonterra Products = Great Pizza! Thanks Yellow Cab and Fonterra for one informative and yummy night!
Yellow Cab Pizza Co. menu and price! (Click to enlarge)
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