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*Image courtesy of www.engadget.com
While most Filipinos are sleeping peacefully earlier today (October 5, 1am), there are other Applie afficionados or gadget lovers (like me) still widely awake. It might have been marked on our calendars or reminders that today is the 'Let's Talk iPhone' event where Apple will be launching set of products to its consumers. Too many speculations and rumors spreading like wildfire months before this date on what will be unveiled, especially on the new iPhone (referred by many as iPhone 5) that a lot of people are waiting for.

Minutes before the launch, I am searching for the live streaming link for the keynote but read that no streaming is available for this event. Too bad for Apple's international consumer who are still awake just to hear the latest news. Fortunately, there are sites like gdgt live and engadget doing a live blog to keep us updated what is happening live at Cupertino!

Aside from the numerous items to be launched during this event, one item that everyone is waiting is how Tim can "Cook" things up on his 1st product launch after being named as the new CEO of Apple. Can he keep Steve Job's magic?

Tim Cook kick-off the event with an update of the Apple business. As we all know, Apple business has been growing aggressively on all the products at its shelf. I think a lot of people were really hypnotized by the magic of Apple as a brand. Oh well, I will not discuss this as I know you are more interested on the new features/products launched...iOS5, iPod, iPhone 4S.
*Image courtesy of www.engadget.com
I've actually been waiting what is the update with iOS5 for my iPad device. Here's a summary of what you can expect when you update your Apple devices with the new OS by October 12:
Notification - They made the notifications grouped together like what Android users have. I think its great that they was able to change it as Apple notification system is really annoying.
iMessage - It's like the BBM for Apple products, which lets you send free message to other iOS users for free via 3G or WiFi. Seems like this strategy will hit RIM if it will be successful.
Reminders - I'm not very familiar with the functionality but I'm aware that this has location aware feature which can alert you of the reminder at the right time.
Twitter Integration - For all twitter fanatics, you can tweet faster as it is embedded on most of the applications!
Newsstand - If you are fond of reading, then this app will fit you as it download in the background for new issues.
Camera Enhancements - You can now take picture via new home screen shortcut. You can also edit photos on-device itself.
There are other enhancements done on Game Center (photo, achievement points), Safari (Reading List, Tabbed Browsing), Mail (Indentation) and most especially Wireless Update. Finally, making it easier for users not to connect anymore to our laptops just to update our software.
Image courtesy of www.apple.com
iCloud - Cloud Computing is really a fast uprising technology today. Apple would not want to be left behind and they launched iCloud. What's good with iCloud aside from it is FREE is that it can push your contents to all your devices. This can enable you to download your music, video or photos on any Apple device. It can also back-up or update your contacts, calendars events.
My only concern, just like in any cloud computing infrastructure, is how can it address data integrity, security and most especially virus attacks.
Image courtesy of www.apple.com
Family and Friends - It's like a "temporary" GPS tracker that you can use with you and your friends. Great way they mention how to use it to help navigate your friends but I'm not happy with it as it could be the next stalking app that others can exploit.

iTunes Match - It's a new app that will be available by end October to US initially priced at $24.99/year. Basically, it scans your library and match against what's in iTunes and add to the library what is missing. You can stream songs immediately using this app. I'm not a fan though of this new app. :(
Image courtesy of www.apple.com
At today's event, the main focus is really on the iPod nano. The main features focused are:
Multi-touch display - One of the main features of iPhone/iPad products is its multi-touch function. Good thing its coming to life as well in iPod nano devices.
Improved Fitness Experience - Very fitting for the health conscious generation is the integration of pedometer on the iPod devices. No more extra sensors needed or devices to put on your shoe. Running enthusiast will be surely happy because of it.
New clock design - Fashionistas can be chic and trendy with their iPod nano devices as it can be used as an alternative watch with its different designs available.

iPod devices dropped its price from $149 to $129 for the 8GB and from $179 to $149 for the 16GB storage. Not too much new items for iPod Touch (aside from the white version to be released soon) but it also dropped its price to $199 for 8GB, $299 for 16GB and $399 for 64GB.

Image courtesy of www.apple.com
iPhone 4S
I know a lot of you (including me) is assuming that an iPhone 5 will be launched earlier. Unfortunately, an iPhone 4S was released. I think most of you are disappointed that no big changes on the physical design from its predecessor iPhone 4 but improvements are focused on the internal components. You may have bought the new iPhone 4S but others might just mistaken it for an iPhone 4 unless you really expose the new features...
Image courtesy of www.apple.com
A5 Chip - With A5 Chip being used in iPhone, it only means that the phone is now using dual core technology on its CPU and graphics. It brags to speed up 7x faster as compared to previous iPhone, which can be seems especially on games.
Retina Display - in short it should provide you a clearer display. Not much of a buy in as other phone (e.g. Samsung, LG, etc.) have this feature as well.
Battery Life - I think other companies always sacrifice performance with battery life. Good thing Apple was able to save this feature which can guarantee you of at least 8 hours talk time via 3G.
Wireless - From the previous fault on signal and connection, Apple now promise a better quality connection as it "intelligently switches between two antennas to transmit and receive. It promises 2x faster on downlink via HSDPA at par with its competitor like HTC Inspire 4G, Thrill and Atrix.
Camera - The new iPhone camera promises to even better compared with ordinary point and shoot cams around. It has a new 8MP sensor and backside illumination to provide 73% more light and at the same time 33% faster capture. The camera can also go down to f/ 2.4 which is really good for a camera phone coupled with its 5 element lens.
Video - It now features 1080p HD recording with video image stabilization and temporal noise reduction. Hopefully it will really be that good in actual shots.
AirPlay - It enables you to project your screen to a bigger one (e.g. TV) with this app.
Image courtesy of www.apple.com
SIRI - I think of all the items featured on the new iPhone 4S, this is the most worth noting. I think this is the best feature they come up with and will encourage users to buy their gadget. For the others who have no idea what Siri is, it's like a voice-enabled personal assistant on your iPhone. It can provide answers to your queries and provides you the data that you need (e.g. weather, location, stock market, world time, etc.). You can talk to it like a normal person and it will digest the data received. I love this feature as back in college our thesis revolve around voice. :)
I was really amazed seeing the sample demo done during the event and how Siri manage all the different things and interact with you like a human person. It can also read to you your incoming message, reply to you message, look at your calendar, book calendar event/reminders, which is like hiring a secretary for you.

*If you want to see the complete coverage, you can read the live blog at Engadget and Gdgt Live.

I'm quite disappointed with the items launched during this keynote, especially with iPhone. Too much expectations on the new iPhone "5" as they term it. I'm quite hesitant that many would buy the new phone as expected unless they are really amazed with Siri. Siri is really a good thing to cap things off on the features of iPhone 4S. If not for this, I will have no interest with iPhone 4S given its physical design similar to iPhone 4. People who are into bragging new gadgets might have hard time selling their new phone given the similar design. I do expect though that a lot of users will still be lining up to buy this new device since for the sake that it is the newest Apple product.

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DISCLAIMER: Photos used on this blog post are copyrighted by Engadget and Apple company. It was just used for viewing purposes and full credit is given to these companies.

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