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Empower is a verb which means to give power or authority to. It can also mean to enable or permit. In all these definition, what then empowers a man?
Bench Empower Show! Pre-Event Pic
Last Saturday, kahitanoito was cordially invited on the BenchTM Empower show/event at SM Mall of Asia Atrium. When I arrived at the venue, the entire atrium is full of crowd that I could hardly fit to enter the registration area. Thankfully I was able to make my way with the flood of spectators at the venue. I felt so honored to be seated together with other known media people but more importantly few inches away from the man himself of Bench, Mr. Ben Chan. I was just too shy though to ask for picture with him. 
The man behind Bench just a few inches away from me
After a few minutes of arriving at the venue, the show already started. The show was hosted by the famous Grace Lee, whom is quite famous recently after the PNoy's confirmation that he is dating with her. However going back to the show itself, the eager crowd is very excited what Bench has prepared to its loyal customers. A lot of fans of Mr. Dingdong Dantes is also around to support as he is the main star of the show. Grace didn't stayed much as she knew that the crowd wants to start the sizzling show.
DJ Grace Lee hosting the event!
As soon as the first model went out on the runway, the crowd already started to feel the temperature rising. The models showcased some of the great men's clothing line of Bench. I like the collection that was worn by the models that day. I will love to wear them myself especially those casual clothes. The girls on the crowd though cannot stop from cheering the guys as they model around and as time passes by, the mercury is expanding fast with the stage getting hot with all the models going out. Hope I can have such physique in the future. :)
1st Batch of Bench models\

2nd Batch of Bench models\

The crowd gets more excited as the models go out of the stage one more time and now naked and only wearing the Bench pants plus one more thing that empowers them...Bench Empower
Bench models setting the temperature up in SM MOA!

The models go at the center of the stage and sprayed themselves with the cologne all over their sizzling and toned body. It was like a Bachelor Bash as the girls named it as these guys sprayed themselves with the cologne. It really sets the stage with a scent of an empowered man. See complete pictures on the slide below:

If you think that's all of it, then luckily for the all the people out there it is not. The moment they have been waiting for is then revealed when their lead endorser and well-known celebrity Dingdong Dantes appeared on stage. He was wearing a black leather jacket and waved to his fans. They thought that was only it and the show will end already with that. Fortunately, once again, he prepared a quick dance number for the crowd and lastly took off his jacket showing his shirtless body wearing only his Bench cologne on top. He even sprayed his entire body with the cologne that wowed the crowd. It was then a great finale as they said it.
Dingdong Dantes!
Dingdong spraying all over his body the newest Bench cologne
It was indeed a successful event that night. The girls are truly happy with the show but also the guys happy that there's now something that can help empower them to be really a "man". Congratulations to BenchTM for a great show indeed!
Dingdong putting the stage on fire!
Dingdong throwing his cologne to the fans during the event!
I heard that Bench will have another great show this Saturday with their international celebrity endorser, Lucy Hale. Don't forget to watch this show at SMX Convention Center at 4PM. Hope I can attend it too.
Dingdong smiles to his fans for a successful show!
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