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I saw the blog post from Globe about their latest contest to prove why Greatness starts @ home. I then realized that nothing feels better than to be at the comfort of your home. This is the safest place you can be with and comfortable to express what you feel and show who you really are. Our home has been a pivotal venue and transformed me to the person I am now. What's at home that molds me at home? It's simple...my parents.

My family taught me the great values and most importantly the worth of education. I grew up not on a silver platter but my parents both work hard to ensure that we have the best education. As early as my pre-school years, they already informed me that I need to value my education as this is the only thing that they can left with us given we don't have great sum of money. They worked hard and night and my parents even had to do "sidelines" at their work just to earn extra money. Amidst being busy with work and worries about how to earn additional money for the family, they still ensure they have time with us when they are at home. They even spend sleepless nights as well especially when they help train us for contests or during quarterly exams. I realized at an early age that I really have to make my part to show I appreciate their efforts by ensuring that I give them good grades at school. As much as possible, I really strive to be at the top to be able to get discounts on my tuition or if possible no fee at all. 
My picture during Graduation day!
During my college year, my parents faced a great trial when their company closed down for business during the recession. I know then that they are afraid how they can still support my education. Fortunately, I was able to get a scholarship at one of the best universities in the country. I can see from their eyes then when I told them during our simple dinner at home about this great news. I really put a lot of effort to ensure I can make it good at school  so I can make my parents happy. 

During the end of my last term in college, my parents are so excited to hear that I'm graduating. They know how dedicated I am at school that they expected that I have honors during graduation. However, I told them  that I wasn't able to make the cut for honors. My nanay initially was so sad to hear about it seeing all my efforts but at the end she is happy together with my tatay to hear that I will still be able to graduate from a prestigious university with all their efforts as well. During the graduation day itself, they were so surprised that aside from seeing their son receiving a diploma I was even awarded with Latin Honors and a special award for community development. I saw the tears from my nanay at that time upon pinning my award and surprise that they never expected. I really did it intentionally as my early Christmas gift for them for all the efforts. 
Me with my family during our recent trip at Korea
Now, that I'm working we still stay together at our home and spend time together talking about what happened with us. Although I might be spending late hours at home or outside of the country due to business travels, I still found happiness with staying at home with my family. Simply proving that "greatness starts @home".
Greatness Starts @Home via http://tattoo.globe.com.ph
*This is my entry for the Greatness Starts @Home promo of Globe.

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