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I know you can feel the scorching heat of the sun this time of the year. You might be wondering how to beat that summer heat without burning your wallet as well. There are different ideas...you can go to the mall to avail of their free air-con, eat a halo-halo from a nearby store or you can just buy your favorite Frappucino beverage from Starbucks. 

What Starbucks? How can that be thrifty? Good news though as they have their newest promotion for Starbucks Frappuccino lovers out there that can let you avail of a half-price frappuccino blended beverages every Mondays...their Frappuccino Happy Hour!
Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines facebook page
Last year (May 2) you might remember I posted this similar promo of Starbucks (read more on this link). It's seems to be better this year as their promo lasts for 4 hours (as compared to 2 hours last year) that you can avail it every Mondays from 2:00PM - 6:00PM! It is also good as you have the entire Mondays of May plus today (April 30, 2012 - May 28, 2012) to enjoy this promo. Too bad I missed it for today but will definitely be there next week.

I think this is really a good deal for us to enjoy especially while battling out the intensive heat of this summer. What a great way to cool down sipping your favorite Frappuccino on your hand plus its half the price? Now you can even pair with your favorite pastries from Starbucks or why not invite your friend, sibling, parent and give him a free drink with the savings that you can get. For sure they will have a smile with this act!

I'll let you know next week about my experience on this promo. Hope there would be an efficient queue as this is for sure a blockbuster hit! For those of you who tried it already, how was your experience?
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