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SM iButterfly Application installed on my Android phone!
When people get nervous they usually use the idiomatic expression "having butterflies on their stomach". But if someone told you that you have "butterflies on your mobile devices", you shouldn't be nervous but instead you should be jumping for joy since you just captured some great rewards!

Last Saturday, I was invited by SM through a good blogger friend Az on the launch of a new application for SM consumers called SM iButterfly! You might be wondering what this application is all about and how it can cater SM's loyal consumers. It is an augmented reality application on your iOS and Android mobile devices. Well simply put it maximizes mobile technology + rewards!
Simple guide how to use SM iButterfly application. Image courtesy of SM

SM iButterfly application uses 3 technologies:  Augmented Reality, for seeing the iButterflies in the real world, Motion Sensors for catching iButterflies using your phone and your phone’s Global Positioning System or GPS for finding where the iButterflies are.  It is very easy to use the application and good thing both Apple or Android fanatics can enjoy this application or promo since it is available on iOS devices via AppStore or Android via Google Play. Here's a video of my personal experience and a guide how to use the SM iButterfly Application:

I can just say that it is very creative to utilize the mobile technology and promos to its consumers. With this promo SM consumers can get rewards from tenant partners such as Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Forever 21, David’s Salon, Kenny Rogers, Jollibee, Mang Inasal, Chowking, Red Ribbon, Greenwich, Smart, BDO and Mc Donald’s! You can go to http://smibutterfly.com/redeem.html to get the latest list of rewards that you can literally catch. During the event, I was able to get some SM iButterfly myself from BDO. :D
Me soo happy to catch a special iButterfly at SM The Block Atrium! Image courtesy of Azrael Coladilla (Thanks!)
I was able to catch a BDO iButterfly during the event!
During the event, bloggers and members of the media bring out their mobile devices and raised it up in the air as if they are looking signal. Well, definitely they haven't loss their signal given the good mobile signal on SM Malls plus free wifi but they are raising their mobile devices because they are catching specially marked iButterflies to earn rewards. SM Cyberzone actually piloted this as well last easter but now it even get bigger with the prizes. If in real world cocoon will eventually turn into butterflies, in SM these iButterflies turn into INSTANT PRIZES
Blogger Earth and Michelle busy searching and catching iButterflies at SM The Block last Saturday!
Initially, I was hesitant about this app but trying it out was really a great experience. Not only kids will have a good time with it but even adults will have fun catching these iButterflies knowing that great rewards can be redeemed with it. You don't have to be a "lepidopterist" to win as it is very easy to catch these ibutterflies. Here's a video of some known bloggers enjoying the moment catching iButterflies:

Thumbs up to SM for having such innovative idea! I never though we can enable mobile devices to earn rewards while at the same time having fun, plus its for FREE even for the wifi usage. They even have a dedicated Wifi server just to help accommodate those users who want to try out this app. You can use the wifi with name SM iButterfly to use wifi for free for this iButterfly! Now, this is a sure treat that SM consumers should really try out! I personally enjoyed it so for sure you are also even excited to try it out!  See more pictures of the event below:

Now, leave all your butterfly nets at home and enjoy the comfort of catching butterflies at the malls plus rewards with SM iButterflies. You are not just earning rewards, you can even protect nature as no butterflies are being harmed. :D Try it out and enjoy the rewards! 
Attention iLepidopterist! Here are the set of iButterfly you should catch to redeem a prize!
Remember, DOWNLOAD - CATCH - REDEEM! Rush to your nearest participating SM Supermalls (SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, SM City Fairview, SM Southmall, SM City Baguio, SM City Davao and SM City Cebu) and let the hunting begins! May the odds of getting the specialized butterflies be on your favor! See you at the SM Supermalls! Thanks as well to SM North EDSA for hosting the event with the bloggers!

For more information, you can visit our dedicated iButterfly website at: www.smibutterfly.com
The lucky bloggers who were able to try out SM iButterfly during the launch at SM The Block Atrium!
*Photo courtesy of Azrael Coladilla (www.azraelcoladilla.com)
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